BEFORE YOU CONTINUE: Be sure you read and agree to this agreement prior to purchasing a seat in this class!

A handling charge of $2 is added to this order. BRING YOUR RECEIPT TO CLASS! Or bring the e-mail confirmation of this transaction. There are NO refunds! If you can not attend the class you are signing up for, you can reschedule to any similar class we offer at any future date.

The user will at their own discretion use or not use any of the information presented in the seminar. At no time does Shade's Landing Inc. guarantee that said information is suitable for the client's particular situation or application of such information.

Any and all intellectual property transfered to the student as a result of this seminar remains the intellectual property of Shade's Landing Inc. and may not be used for any purpose other than the students own edification without the prior written consent of Shade's Landing Inc.

If this is a firearms course:
Range fees are separate and not included in the course tuition. Range fees vary but are approximately $12 - $14 and paid directly to the range operators. You may use your firearm and ammunition, or ours. You will also need hearing and eye protection. Meals, snacks and beverages are the student's responsibility unless otherwise noted.


If you are buying a place in class for someone else, BE SURE that you put THEIR name, address and phone etc. into the SHIP TO information. The BILL TO is you, the SHIP TO will be the party you are generously paying for. If the order is for you and another person, be sure to change the quantity of the order to 2.

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