Shooting Qualification Dates for Online Students

Here is our schedule of shooting dates through the end of 2020 for our Online carry class students. If you took a class from someone else have them do the range certification. This is ONLY for our students.

All shooting qualifications take place at the Horse and Hunt Club in Prior Lake MN at 10:00 hours unless otherwise noted below.

Pick a date and e-mail us at and we will confirm the date with you via e-mail.

Shooting Qualification Dates
11/17/2020 _ Tues
11/24/2020 - Tues
12/01/2020 - Tues
12/05/2020 - Sat
12/08/2020 - Tues
12/15/2020 - Tues.
12/19/2020 - Sat
12/22/2020 - Tues
12/29/2020 - Tues


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