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  • Donald Trump is our 45 th President of the United States. And it is sending the liberals into a crying fit.   Protests have taken place in major cities across the U.S. inc
  • Shade's Landing Inc. endorses Donald Trump for President
    It should come as no surprise that we pretty much despise the Clintons the corruption and hypocrisy that they stand for. However do not mistake our overwhelming dislike fo
  • Thugs in our Midst – Politics in 2016
    We are living in some very troublesome times. Over and over again we see what once was thought of as shared values of our culture being tossed aside for anarchy, and mayhe
  • Trumpers vs. CruzBots vs. BernOuts ask does Orange look Presidential?
    (Part One Freedom of Speech here) This election has become very, very nasty. It not only has the BernOuts and other leftists in a state of violent rage but it has also div
  • Trump was just handed the nomination!
    Did you see the headlines? Rubio, Cruz and others in the GOP are blaming Trump for the violence perpetrated in Chicago and Dayton on whom else? Why Trump of course. Really

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