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  • Shade's Landing Inc. endorses Donald Trump for President
    It should come as no surprise that we pretty much despise the Clintons the corruption and hypocrisy that they stand for. However do not mistake our overwhelming dislike fo
  • Hillary not fit for the Presidency...
    If you have not noticed, Hillary's handlers are hiding her from the public. She has not had a press conference in months and when she is in public her handlers are never f
  • America is being played...
    Did you notice that at the beginning of this month (07/06/2016) Comey came out and stated that the F.B.I. would not be recommending any charges be brought against Hillary
  • Did Liberty die this week? 07/04 - 07/08
    Is this the week that Liberty died? Is this the week that the F.B.I. and Director Comey stripped the clothes off the emperor(es)? Scratch that – the thought of Hillary nak

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