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  • Terrorism in Orlando Florida
    Sunday morning on 06/12/2016 saw a gunman by the name of Omar Mateen walk into a gay nightclub a little after 2am and at closing time for the club, and open fire on the pa
  • Happy 2016!
    Brace yourselves, the last year of Obama will prove to be a rocky road for gun enthusiasts and patriots alike. 2015 had been an unusual year. Not a bad year and not the gr
  • Minnesota Gun Owners Alert!
    For Immediate Release Today, January 31 st , several anti-gun bills were introduced into the Minnesota House. Not one of these bills addresses the criminal misuse of firea
    CALL TO ARMS You need to contact your State and U.S. Representative and Senators Wednesday! Obama is set to sign 19 executive orders bypassing Congress and imposing gun re
  • A Call To Arms: The UN Arms Treaty
    By this time next week the United Nations is expected to be putting the final touches on their much anticipated and mostly reviled (at least by freedom loving patriots) Sm

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