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Hunt - 2009 - Part 1

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is shaping up to be a fantastic year in terms of hunting.....

This year I decided to use my , with a 62 grain, 90 micron, compressed tungsten bullet. And I'm glad I did. On Tuesday November 10th, my fourth day in the field I took my first deer.

It was about 3:06pm when I climbed into my stand. It only took about a minute before I started to hear what sounded like a deer off to my right. I have a partial blind spot in the stand and could not see him (nor could he see me).

I then saw a small (turned out to be 130 lb.) 5 point buck walk out from the blind spot, and continue into some tall weeds about 50 yards away. He was following the scent trail I had laid down earlier in the day! I slipped the safety off of my AR and when he presented himself, CRACK! He went down.

One shot - on clean kill. There was nothing left inside the animal after the Extreme Shock tungsten bullet did it's
job (see this popup caution - it is graphic) . There was no damage to the edible meat (except for a about 1/3 of the tenderloins), but the Extreme Shock really did a number on the vital organs of the buck. I hit high and right on the buck and his spinal cord was also severed by the shot. I did loose part of the tenderloins - but that was my fault for the shot being high.

Oh and the time? It was at 3:11pm! A mere five minutes
into my afternoon/evening hunt and I had my buck. I stayed on
stand until the close of hunting thinking I might see another
buck or doe. Even though I got my buck, I could have taken
another one for someone in our hunting party
(party hunting is legal in MN).

The other thing I did differently this year, is to lay down a scent trail using a drag. I purchased a kit from Walmart made by Tinks. It contained a scent bomb that you hang from a tree, foot pads for cover scents, and a drag for cover scents and to lay down a scent trail right to your stand. You also need to purchase your scent(s). I chose the "DOE-P" scent and loaded up the drag rag with it.

On the Monday, the first day I used it, my son Jason told me four does cam out and immediately pick up the scent on the trail and headed right towards me. Unfortunately, something (maybe a buck) spooked them and they ran back into the woods.

So I tried it again on Tuesday. I hunted one of stands on the North end of the property in the morning. I put the drag on and scented it on the way to the stand and away from it in the afternoon. The buck I took, followed the scent trail I laid down and walked right in front of my second stand in the afternoon!

I'm sold on the Extreme Shock for hunting and self-defense and the DOE-P from Tinks with the scent drag. An outstanding combination!

While we've used Extreme Shock for self-defense ever since we became a dealer for them, this is the first time I had the opportunity to hunt with their hunting rounds. OUTSTANDING is all I can say. The compressed tungsten blows apart in a 90 degree wound channel on contact with soft tissue. Since Tungsten is 58% denser than lead, it gets through bone without any problem.

Other family members are also doing well this year though my hunting buddies Rod and Steve continue to be skunked! More coming to you in part 2!

Written by Gary

Thursday 12 November 2009 at 11:11 am

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