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Jobs Saved?

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The B.S. Is coming out of Washington faster than Americans can grab their shovels... Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was recently asked by a reporter "What does the government consider to be a saved job? Since economists do not recognize that term." Actually economists do recognize the term "saved jobs" as being bogus since you can't really prove that a job "is saved" and nor can the worker. The reporter asked "is this real or not" and Geithner replied that the numbers are real. Nearly 640,000 jobs have been saved (or created though the administration is not too sure if they are new or were existing jobs saved), at a cost of 207 Billion dollars at the end of October 2009. That comes out to approx. $328,000 per job!

If you look at the entire cost of the program at $787 billion and let's just say Obama and Biden are right and 3.5 million jobs are "saved" or created, then each job costs nearly $225,000.

My God people! WAKE UP! Is the the type of government we really want? They lie to us with bogus statistics like "jobs saved" and they don't even mention how much it has cost to "save" or create a job under their program.

I have a better idea... Just hand out $225,000 to each and every American. While that will still bankrupt America, at least we'll be able to determine how we can spend our own money. Maybe we'll make our own decisions on health care, our own decision NOT TO FUND Acorn etc. But that would not do the Administration any good since they are using the money to buy future votes.

For example, here in Minnesota we've been told that 14,000 jobs have been saved or created by the stimulus package. According to KSTP Television, "The U.S. Department of Education issued a report Monday detailing 7,421 stimulus jobs in the state's education system." In Minnesota the estimated cost per job is approximately: $85,908 per job (based on MN receiving $640 Million in stimulus dollars).

That's 7,421 new teachers, and more important to the Obama administration, 7,421 new union members. The Minnesota teachers union is arguably one of the largest unions (next to AFSME or the Municipal workers union) and they have money to burn and many votes to cast - mostly for Democrats.

It's like a circle of life to Democrats: Feed the beast with employees, get them to vote Democrat, then on top of it all, indoctrinate our kids and control their thinking through so called politically correct, zero tolerance programs. Then throw money at the Unions by calling the cash payoff a stimulus package. What a racket! And as parents we hand our kids over willingly to these Union members for over 8 hours per day!


Written by Gary

Wednesday 04 November 2009 at 11:17 am

Posted in News & Editorials

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