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A good night for Conservatives

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This year's elections were a good sign for conservatives and not so good for the Obama administration.... CNN and Fox News are reporting that Republican Bob McDonnell will win the Governors seat in VA.
CNN News Link
Fox News Link

Other news sources are reporting that Republican Chris Christie has won over New Jersey Incumbent Jon Corzine, a Democrat. So maybe there is hope for the Republic yet!

Oh and in the 23rd in NY, Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman is leading his Democrat opponent Bill Owens after the Republican nominee Dede Scozzafava dropped out due to a lack of support and funds. Scozzafava is left of left and after dropping out, she endorsed the Democrat Bill Owens.

This should rock Washington. Hopefully the leads that Christie and Hoffman have established will grow wider as the night goes on.

It's time fellow conservatives to take back the Republican party! See you at the caucuses in 2010 where we all can become a "Freedom Czar"!

Most Republicans also should be put on notice by these results. Trying to move "to the center" is not where we conservatives want the party to be. Instead, the party needs to offer a clear and distinct vision of America's future than that being spoon fed to us on the nightly news and by the Democrats. You would think we were in Russia with all the Czars Obama has appointed and perhaps that's what he wants us to think. After all, Stalin, was another Socialist.

I can not believe that so many Americans were fooled by this guy (Obama) or that news persons had a tingle "running up their leg" (as Chris Matthews said during the election of 2008). Maybe it's just me and my wife and my kids and few million like minded people who never felt that tingle. We only saw organizations like Acorn destroying the electoral process with phony voter registrations all across America. We only saw Unions growing stronger through the stimulus package as it was being used to fund "shovel" ready projects that demanded union labor.

We saw the thugs of those same unions being used at town hall meetings this summer and fall to man-handle little old ladies and seniors who showed up at those meetings to let their Representatives know about the piss poor job they were doing in representing their constituents .

The backlash was coming from those of us over 50 and the Democrats could not take the heat. They marginalized us, and tried to make us irrelevant to the discussion of health care, cap & trade and other programs guaranteed to lower our quality of life and spend us into the poor house. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, referred to us as "brown shirts". Barney Frank who was one of the principal architects of getting banks to make unsafe loans, also assured us that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae where doing just what he wanted them to do in the mortgage marketplace. Then absolved himself along with Senator Chris Dodd (who got a cushy loan from Countrywide) when it became evident there was a mortgage meltdown taking place.

This fight is not over. We're taking it to the Republican party at meetings and caucuses in 2010. As one town hall meeting sign read this year "Freedom is not Free" - it has to be earned. And we plan to earn it in 2010.

Written by Gary

Wednesday 04 November 2009 at 12:35 am

Posted in News & Editorials

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