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Obama Fires head of GM! Or... Obama the Car Salesman

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Folks this is a very, very bad omen for all of us who are engaged in the exercise of free market principles... is "a political theory advocating state ownership of industry and an economic system based on state ownership of capital" ( Does this sound familiar?

Did our founding fathers ever contemplate that the President of the United States would ever FIRE the head of a major corporation? ABSOLUTELY NOT! They are surely rolling over in their graves. "Never let a great crisis go to waste" said Rom Emanuelle - 's Chief of Staff, and that is exactly what's happening in America today.

According to CNN, Obama actually should be thanked for NOT taking back the $13.4 Billion loaned to GM and the $4 Billion loaned to Chrysler. My thought is that Obama should be anything but thanked. In fact, instead of stepping down, GM CEO Rick Wagoner should have said what General Anthony Clement McAuliffe said to the Germans in World War II when asked to surrender. McAuliffe sent a one-word reply back to the Germans: "Nuts".

If I were Wagoner, I would not have used a one-word reply but rather a two-word reply that would have started not with the letter "N" but the letter "F" and would have ended in the letter "u".

Where in fact does Obama get the power through government to dictate terms of employment or the terms to serve on the board of General Motors? Nowhere in my copy of the Constitution does it say that the President shall have the power to fire heads of private corporations. Yet he has in effect done just this by demanding Wagoner step down.

The idea that the government can dictate to private companies or even to take money from private individuals as they did or tried to do with the AIG bonuses. Those bonuses were legal and the company was contractually obligated to pay them. In fact is was Democrat Senator Christopher Dodd who put the amendment into the stimulus package that specified that those bonuses to AIG executives HAD to be paid. Dodd if you recall pretended not to know about that amendment, then when confronted with evidence that he did indeed author the amendment and submit it, he said he was "pressured" to add it by the Obama administration!

The moral of the story is this: If you take money from the devil, you will have to dance to his tune.

This may well be the end of capitalism as we've known it and the beginning of socialism Obama style.

Written by Gary

Monday 30 March 2009 at 3:32 pm

Posted in News & Editorials

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