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Where has all the common sense gone?

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The NRA reports two brain dead decisions this week and both involve school administrators. In the fist instance a young woman, , who attends the Cherokee Trail High School in Aurora Colorado, was for having left in her car (on school property) three she uses for drill practice. They are not even rifles. They are made entirely of wood and have duct tape wrapped around the stocks. She uses these rifles for drill practice (she’s participating in a competition at the Air Force Academy).

Colorado law mandates expulsion for bringing a firearm onto school premises. They include look-alike firearms that might be “mistaken” for a real firearm. These drill props are not even close. Only a brain dead, zero tolerance follower would even contemplate that these match up with Colorado law. But that’s exactly who Miss Morrow has running the school system in her part of Colorado.

Hell, even the head of the anti-gun Brady Bunch (sorry, the Campaign), Peter Hamm, stated to the press: “We're not concerned about non-operative rifles, and the facts in this case cry out for someone to exercise common sense”.

Then there is the matter of middle school teacher in Beaver Dam Wisconsin who was placed on paid administrative leave (OK – a big sigh now), for of all things… having a photograph on her Facebook profile of her holding a firearm! OH MY GOD! SUSPEND THE WICKED WOMAN! A photo of herself holding a firearm! Those poor little middle schoolers in the Beaver Dam school system. How many of them saw the photo? How many of them are now ruined for life?!

Let’s cut the crap… and that’s what it is.

This is PC (political correctness) run amuck. I want to you to scroll down our weblog here to the entry titled: Hunting 2008. Just look at all the carnage (deer carnage) that was perpetrated this past hunting season. Do school officials think those deer committed suicide and jumped onto the back of our ATVs? Do they not know that firearms are used for lawfull purposes such as hunting and self-defense? Perhaps school officials in Beaver Dam Wisconsin have all given up their firearms. Or if they did take trophy photos of their last hunting trip, do they hide them away in an attic somewhere and secretly look at them only in the dark and while using a flashlight.

Come on people! Where the hell is the common sense that our fathers and mothers tried to impart to our generation. The 60s and 70s were something, but did those decades really kill THAT many brain cells in so many people? I'm beginning to think so.

Written by Gary

Friday 13 February 2009 at 9:06 pm

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