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Are we on the brink of collapse as a nation?

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It seems to be accelerating, the nonsense, the frustrations of many, the lack of listening by our elected officials... And I hear many asking: "Is the end near?".... Is the Republic in peril? The answer is absolutely.

Are we on the brink of collapse? To tell you the truth, I don't know. But I do share many of the sentiments of fellow conservatives. To listen to Pennsylvania's Senator Arlen Specter or Maine's Senator Susan Collins, you absolutely would think the end of the world was upon us. These two brain dead, inarticulate poor excuses of Republicanism let alone conservativism, towed the line handed to them by Nebraska Senator Nelson in attempting to justify their support for the largest raid on the US Treasury in recent memory. And for what?

The so called economic stimulus bill has very little in it for us taxpayers. It has a lot in it for those who don't pay taxes, for socialized health care, and billions of dollars for groups that help elect democrats like Acorn (the group being investigated in several major states for voter fraud).

Specter was on two shows I listened to yesterday: The Sean Hannity show and the Dr. Laura Ingrahm show. I have to hand it to Laura as she relentlessly called Spector's ass on the carpet in attempt to have him see the folly of his ways. Yet he would have none of it.

When she asked him to name on conservative economist who supported a stimulus package (Spector claims to have talked to many), he named Martin Feldstein. Feldstein actually wrote in August 2008 a piece titled "The Tax Rebate Was a Flop. Obama's Stimulus Plan Won't Work Either. When Specter was called on this by Ingrahm, Spector unblinkingly said "Well you think you're right and I think I'm right". He quite simply does not know what he is talking about. And shame on his staff for not prepping him better.

Ingrahm also asked him if the majority of the calls from his constituents were against the bill. He admitted that was true - but he had made his feeble little mind up to go against what his constiuents wanted by voting FOR the bill.

My suggestion for helping the economy is to continue to call, e-mail and write letters to your elected representatives and tell them "HELL NO! NO STIMULUS PACKAGE!"

You might also want to call these three Republican Senators who today voted FOR the stimulus bill, thereby passing it through the US Senate by a 61 - 37 vote. Ask them for your new TV, house, and car. You might as well before the mayors of cities like Burnsville MN get the money for a FOUNTAIN in front of city hall (I kid you not).

Those numbers are:
(202)-224-4254 Arlen Specter R-Penn
(202) 224-2523 Susan Collins R-Maine
(202) 224-5344 Olympia Snow R-Maine

Call today!

You can however continue to the one growing part of the economy: The gun industry! Gun sales and ammunition sales are going strong and have been since the election. My suggestion to stimulate the economy is to continue to buy your firearms and ammunition. It would be the patriotic thing to do.

Written by Gary

Tuesday 10 February 2009 at 08:18 am

Posted in News & Editorials

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