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07/06/2016 - Philando Castile shooting St. Anthony Police MN

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There is no doubt that social media has changed how information reaches citizens and non-citizens alike. On the evening of July 6th, at approximately 9pm, St. Anthony police officers Jeronimo Yanez, and Joeseph Kauser stopped a vehicle containing Philando Castile, Diamond Reynolds and her four year old daughter. The stop was apparently made because the occupants “looked like” suspects in a robbery according to what the officer's radioed in.

Let's be clear. Castile was NOT a suspect in the robbery but closely matched the description of the suspect in a robbery that had occured four days earlier on July 2nd 2016.


However they told the occupants that they had been pulled over for a “busted” tail light according to Diamond (Lavish) Reynolds, Castile's girlfriend who began live streaming video to her Facebook account after the officer shot her boyfriend Philando Castile. Yanez approached the vehicle on the drivers side as Kauser took up a position on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Castile, is reported to have had a valid Minnesota Carry permit for the firearm he had with him that evening. According to Reynolds he told the officer he had a permit for the firearm on him as Officer Yanez asked for his license and proof of insurance. The cop also, according to Reynolds, told Castile not to reach for his firearm. Castile lived in Robbinsdale and likely obtained his permit from Hennepin County (NOT Ramsey Co. which has stated Castile never applied for one there. He would have applied to Hennepin).


As Castile reached for his wallet (again according to Reynolds) the officer drew his gun and discharged 4 -5 shots into Castile's arm and side. She begins recording just after her boyfriend has been shot (see the video below).


It is a chilling video. Her boyfriend dies as the officer continues to point his gun at Castile. Reynolds remained extremely calm and level headed. When the officer screams “I TOLD HIM NOT TO REACH FOR IT” she calmly informs the officer “You asked him for his license.” and informs the officer he was reaching for his wallet. Notice the video is reverse image which is common for many cell phones when in "selfie" mode.

All of this was witnessed by the four year old child in the back seat (luckily the child was not hurt). The child apparently was removed sometime between the shooting of Castile and when Reynolds began her recording. The child can be seen in the video in the arms of an officer when Reynolds is ordered to exit the vehicle.

In the days subsequent to the shooting Minnesota Governor Dayton stated he didn't think this would have happened if Castile had been white. Yes we have an absolute idiot for a Governor.

Dayton went on to claim that racism still exits. Others who were protesting outside of the Governors mansion claimed that shootings and killings happen disproportionately to blacks when compared to whites. This is simply not true.

According to FBI statistics, Police shot according to the Guardian's web site The Counted the statistics are as follows:

2015 Number of people shot by police: 1,146











Native American


So far in 206 the break down is as follows:

2016 Number of people shot by police: 566












Native American



So the narrative that blacks are shot and killed by police more than whites is absolutely not true. What we can take away from the stats is that 860 of the 1146 people shot in 2015 were found to have a weapon their person at the time of the shooting and 554 of the those who were armed, were armed with a firearm.

What makes Castile's shooting so shocking is in large part the video of the aftermath which shows Castile bleeding out and dying on camera. But also that he was what most people would consider to be a good guy. A licensed permit holder who was up front with the cop that he had a firearm and a permit to carry that firearm. He was also a worker at a grade school in Minnesota who was adored by the students. He never had any run ins with the law except for traffic stops (a very high number of traffic stops) but only a couple of minor traffic citations.

I have first hand knowledge of other officers handling permit holders on traffic stops in a much more professional manner. It is the officer's job to de-escalate any contact or confrontation with the public when at all possible. In this case, it was Diamond Reynolds, the passenger who was calm and reassuring as she faced an obviously emotional cop with a gun in his hand.

Secondly, the shooting took place with a 4-year old child in the back seat. She could have been seriously injured or killed from a misplaced shot or a bullet passing through Castile.

Third, no attempt was made by officers to render aid on Castile other than to call Code 3 for an ambulance. Instead Officer Yanez continues to hold the gun on the expiring Castile.

Fourth, as backup officers arrive, Reynolds is ordered out of the vehicle and placed into handcuffs and in the back of another squad with her daughter who is heard in the recording comforting her mother: “It's alright Mommy I'm here”. Anyone who has a child or a grandchild has to be in jaw-dropping-awe of this brave little girl as she tries to comfort her mother.

And last, why was Reynolds held by police and interrogated until 5am Thursday morning on 7/07/2016? She was also separated from her child during this time according to her statement to the press on Thursday. She was a victim, and a witness and her treatment is highly suspect.

In short, the Minnesota BCA (Bureau of Criminal Apprehension) is conducting the investigation and both Officer Yanez and Kauser are on paid Administrative leave. Governor Dayton has called for a federal investigation into the shooting.


Minnesota Governor Dayton came out and stated that "Would this have happened if the  passengers, the driver and passenger had been white? I don't think it would have. So I'm forced to confront it... I think all of us in Minnesota must confront .. this kind of racism exists"

Oh Governor. We don't yet have all the facts and for your to call the shooting racist is not only premature but shows a total lack of leadership. This is time you should have come out and united but no, you divided. You should have been the beacon of calm. You were not.

And don't believe the crap Black Lives Matters puts forth as fact. Fact is that far more whites are killed by police than blacks.

I don't believe that the shooting was racially motivated. I believe the stop might have been after hearing the scanner audio of the call. I also believe that this was a gross and tragic over reaction on the part of Officer Yanez.

As both a permit holder and permit to carry Instructor, this shooting raises great concerns for all of us in the carry community. We tell our students that in Minnesota you do not have a duty to inform the officer if you are carrying. But if you choose to, then keep your hands on the steering wheel and state to the officer “Officer before we go further, I want to let you know I am permit holder. How do you want to proceed?” AND DO NOT MOVE YOUR HANDS FROM THE STEERING WHEEL unless you are told to do so.

But here in the Castile case, his girlfriend Diamond says he informed the officer and the officer told him to show him his driver's license and not go near the gun. If you get two conflicting commands, ask the officer to clarify what he wants you to do. It may not be possible to do both.

The BCA has been attributed by the news outlets as saying they are reviewing multiple videos of the incident including dash cam videos. We do know that the St. Anthony police do not wear body cams.

The thing to do now and I know it is difficult to do is to NOT SPECULATE and don't jump to conclusions like our idiot Governor Dayton has (and I am not JUMPING to conclusion about Dayton - It's a fact).

Wait for the facts to be in and then judge based on the facts not emotion. Remember all we have seen is the aftermath of the incident as recorded by Reynolds. We have not seen what precipitated the shooting. Hopefully the other videos that the BCA alluded to will fill in most of the blanks.

<<UPDATE 11-16-2016>>

The Ramsey County Attorney, John Choi, just announced that Saint Anthony Police Officer Geronimo Yanez is charged with Second Degree Manslaughter in the shooting death of permit holder Philando Castile in Falcon Heights in July.

Castile was pulled over by the officer, and was shot while reaching for his ID.

Choi said that Yanez did not act in an objectively reasonable manner.

We believe that this is the system working as it should. Of course, Officer Yanez is presumed innocent until proven guilty. 

We will be continuing to follow this case.


Written by Shade

Friday 08 July 2016 at 12:09 pm

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