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Thugs in our Midst – Politics in 2016

We are living in some very troublesome times. Over and over again we see what once was thought of as shared values of our culture being tossed aside for anarchy, and mayhem. And done so by individuals and groups who do not share the conservative's love for life, our value for lives (all lives), our shared love for common decency and courtesy.

We live today in a world of Snap chat, Twitter, and Facebook. A world of seeing who can be the most outrageous on YouTube, who can get the most likes for being the biggest jasckass and the most disrespectful of the collective herd.


 The media was quick to blame the so called vitriolic messaging on the Tea Party after Obamacare was passed and conservatives took their concerns to town hall meetings across the U.S. They called us violent, out of control, white (yes they mentioned race) though many of us were black or of mixed ancestry, and most of all they called us the “C” word: Christian.

As it turned out, the Tea Party welcomes all races. It's message of smaller and more fiscally responsible government was not something the left wanted to hear while they were actively redistributing the wealth of the middle class through programs like Obama Care and carbon credits.


The real violent ones at that time back in 2009/2010 time frame were and still are the leftist, communists, socialists, statists, progressives, and most notable: The Democrat base. The ones who were violent at the Tea Party meetings were the Union thugs who showed up at those meetings. It was Obama who instructed his people to “argue with them, get in their face”. It was an SEIU Union thug who was captured on video beating a BLACK TEA PARTY member at a Town Hall meeting in St. Louis MO In 2009.

Now we come to present day: 2016. The media is again shifting blame for the thugs and criminals to the conservative movement. The media and left wing pundits and talking heads taking every opportunity to blame Donald Trump for the violence of ANTI-TRUMP protesters at his speaking engagements and rallies. Interestingly enough there has been only ONE reported violent act committed by a Trump supporter.


Trump has had to cancel rallies (Chicago for example), or reschedule his appearances to accommodate the security concerns of the Secret Service and police in those cities. This week in San Jose, CA, a female Trump supporter was pelted with eggs and other debris while being spit on.

The same thing has happened in Los Angeles, and in San Diego, and North Carolina and other venues.
The thugs in San Jose are cowards. Hitting women, sucker punching Trump Supporters.

The Anti-Trump criminals were chanting “Let's Make Mexico Great Again” and desecrating the American Flag while waving the Mexican flag. Many covered their faces with bandannas so they could not be identified. One protester held a sign that stated: “TRUMP THIS IS MEXICO” A Twitter follower wrote: “Should someone tell him not since 1848”.

The San Jose Mayor who supports Hillary Clinton, said it was all Trumps fault for the violence in his city.


What these criminals don't seem to get is that the more middle America sees their assaults, their insults, their flag desecration, vandalism, and arson, the more we are drawn to Trump. In their own stupidity they have galvanized a large portion of the silent majority into action. So called Moderates, Independents, and even Democrats are crossing over because they see what Fascism looks like. And the Fascist is hiding his face and destroying property and assaulting anyone who does not agree with him or her; and it is NOT conservatives nor is it Trump or his supporters that are causing the violence.

Welcome to the new face of political discourse in America.

If you really want to know the secret to Trump's success, watch this:

Written by Shade

Friday 03 June 2016 at 1:32 pm

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