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Remembering The Fallen

 Memorial day for many is a time of barbeques, family and friend get togethers, beaches and sun. But for many who understand the meaning of the day and why we have a three day “holiday” it is a more somber day as we remember those who have served, and fallen so that those who remain may stand.


We lay wreaths on our families graves, plant and fly our country's flag as a way to say “Thank you for you sacrifice”.


We now live in a country where only 0.5% of the population serves in the military compared to 12% during WWII. This in part might explain why so many young people (Millennials) are ignorant of and just don't care about Memorial Day.


As a nation, we don't teach civics in the classroom anymore. Nor do we teach the U.S. Constitution. History class is now an indoctrination of black victimization, white privilege, and an assortment of other leftist, socialist, and communist propaganda that it's difficult for a parent to keep it all straight without a score card.




So is it any surprise that on this Memorial Day weekend our President packed his golf bags and headed off to Japan on a continuation of his apology tour that he embarked upon when he first took office. While he didn't really apologize to Japan per se for the U.S. dropping the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki which ended WW II and saved thousands more lives of U.S. servicemen, he did the next best thing. He implied in his speech that RELIGION somehow was viewed as a license to kill. He stated:

"How often does material advancement or social innovation blind us to this truth, how easily we learn to justify violence in the name of some higher cause.

Every great religion promises a pathway to love and peace and righteousness, and yet no religion has been spared from believers who have claimed their faith as a license to kill."

We didn't drop the bombs on Japan Mr. Obama, because of religion! We responded to Japan's atrocities in self-defense. We dropped the bomb on Japan because of the atrocities they perpetrated on us from Pearl Harbor to butchering our troops in the Philippines (Bataan death march). We dropped the bomb on Hiroshima as it housed the military command for Japan's second army.

Obama called for a reduction of nuclear arms, and the ability to use them. Odd since many believe his nuclear treaty with Iran does exactly the opposite; giving Iran a clear path to the bomb. He also called for a moral awakening. Yes – you heard right. Obama, President and head of one of the most scandal ridden administrations in U.S. history, … calling for…. A moral awakening.


I believe he chose Memorial Day to memorialize the Japanese dead at Hiroshima and Nagasaki before he eulogized our fallen is for two reasons: The first is that he really believes that America is at fault for the misery caused through winning. In Obama's world, America needs to be cut down to economic, socio-political equals of the countries that attack us, crap on us, and otherwise put us down all the while accepting U.S. foreign aid.


And secondly, Obama I believe wants to become the head of the United Nations someday and by using a U.S. holiday and incorporating the Japanese into it he effectively hijacks the day for his bigger lie.


It should be noted that the U.S. has already paid reparations for the false internment of U.S. / Japanese citizens in WWII. We were the only allied country to pay reparations. Germany just recently paid off it's reparation debts from WW I. Both Japan and Germany are paying reparations for WW II along with a half-dozen or more other countries such as Italy, and Bulgaria.

We (the United States) should NEVER apologize to Japan or any other conquered country. And we should never be forced to pay reparations.

Janaury 20th 2017 can't come soon enough.

Written by Shade

Saturday 28 May 2016 at 1:28 pm

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