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And the winner of the race for the GOP nod is: TRUMP!

After a resounding win in Indiana which pushed Trump to over 1,000 delegates, Senator Ted Cruz promptly suspended his campaign.


The Cruz supporters were quick to point out that “suspending” a campaign is not the same as throwing in the towel and walking away from a campaign for the GOP nomination (hint: YES IT IS).


I thought being delusional was something the left, the Democrats had cornered the market on. Apparently I was wrong. Some conservatives are bat shit crazy as well. At least when it comes to their man Cruz.


I've had otherwise good conservatives go crazy on me for questioning their asinine statements about Trump (like he's a racist, a hater). There's no evidence of that and in fact there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to the contrary. It's a line from the left that they bought into. Those friends of mine who so ardently attacked anyone with an opinion other than theirs must now come to grips that their candidate lost and lost big.


And let's face it, I've yet to meet a Kasich supporter. I suppose they do exist (he won his home state of Ohio), but I've not met one. I thought I spotted one once by they were holding up a marketing sign for sandwiches not Kasiches.


So let's just say at least one candidate was just as bat shit crazy as the Cruz supporters in denial at the moment. John Kasich actually said he was not going anywhere after Cruz withdrew from the campaign. One of my followers on Facebook went so far as to say Kasich believes if he can only get 138% of the delegates left, he and he alone can stop Trump. Crazy isn't it? Luckily for us it's anticipated that at 5pm today May 4th, Kasich will “suspend” his campaign as well.


Another follower even said that since he absolutely can not and will not vote fro Trump that he will write Ted Cruz's name in on the ballot. Really?


According to my friend whom I've known since high school, Trump is the anti-Christ and Cruz apparently was sent by God to slay the liberal enemies of the Republic. Should not my friend who is a devout Christian (and I believe a Minister), be praying for Trump? Perhaps offer Trump a baptism so that he can be born again and lead this country from the 8 years of darkness and absurdity of the Obama Administration?


But alas no. My friend would prefer to piss his vote away to make some sort of statement; to make it appear that he and he alone has found the higher moral ground in this year's election. If enough people do this, then we can all begin addressing the new President as Madam.


There have been times (quite a few in fact) where I've said “Oh no! Donald just shut up” as he placed his foot in his mouth. It's not that he's dumb. He's not. He's one of the brightest businessmen around. It's that the Donald lacks filters that so many have installed in their thought process for the PC crowd.


Rather than telling an interviewer he does not know and he will get back to them, Trump instead tries to answer from the heart. He actually tries to give the person he's talking to a sincere answer. Unfortunately, Donald's honesty comes at a price of not always thinking through the answers in their entirety.

What is so damned incredible is that we have conservatives who are out in force saying they will intentionally NOT support the presumptive GOP nominee. Another went so far as to say he was thinking about voting for Hillary!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?


OK, I've calmed down. But seriously folks, Trump got to where he is because he is seen as many as the only true outsider in their campaign. Cruz is not Kasich is not and God help us, Sanders and Clinton certainly are not.


America is tired and weary of seeing over 50% of our hard earned middle class wages going for taxes, and insurance. It's hard if not impossible for the middle class to save any money for a rainy day and you might as well forget about purchasing a home if you're a Millennial.


A recent report found that Americans now spend more on taxes than we do on housing, food and clothes. And it's only getting worse. Many Americans are chronically unemployed. Hell they are not even counted among the unemployed anymore.


We have more people on food stamps in our history, more illegals among us than ever before, and less of our own money that we've earned. Our insurance costs are outrageous. We were NOT able to keep our own doctor, we were NOT able to see a $2,500 reduction in premiums a year and most of us now have huge deductibles. Between the deductibles for just myself and wife and the premiums, we would have paid in nearly $22,000 a year BEFORE our insurance would have paid the first penny. So we left the insurance world for a faith based sharing ministry that actually works.


This is why Trump is so popular. He's not one of the cronies in the GOP who said give us the House and we'll repeal Obama-care but did nothing. He's not one of the cronies in the GOP who said “give us the Senate and the House and for sure we can stop and repeal Obama-care” and who did nothing. Nope. He's the Donald. Who once again has made politics very, very interesting.


One last comment. Another friend stated the world is going down in flames if Trump is elected. How dumb is that statement. As a nation we survived Carter, and as a nation we will survive Obama's eight years. I want to post: “It's not about who is President stupid.” (except for Supreme Court nominees). It's about electing YOUR Congressman and woman over and over and over again. Some of those dinosaurs have been in Washington for over 40 years." That's where change will come from. Not by writing in Ted Cruz's name and not voting for Trump.

Stay safe and remember: Never go full Kasich on someone.





Written by Shade

Wednesday 04 May 2016 at 2:28 pm

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