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Trumpers vs. CruzBots vs. BernOuts ask does Orange look Presidential?

Attacks on Freedom of Speech Part 2

(Part One Freedom of Speech here)

This election has become very, very nasty. It not only has the BernOuts and other leftists in a state of violent rage but it has also divided the GOP and conservatives into waring camps with regards to backing Cruz or Trump.

You have brain dead progressives saying stupid things like “Trump is racist” then when asked how is Trump a racist they say “When he talks about illegals… he’s a racist”. Really? Because being illegal makes you a criminal not a race. So how can Trump be racist when talking about people (anyone) in America illegally?

When you ask these people what specifically has Trump said that is racist they don’t have a coherent answer. They stumble and fumble or admit they don’t know.

BLM (Black Lives Matter not the Bureau of Land Management) has been coopted by every radical group on the far left. Revcom (the Revolutionary Communist Party) was seen handing out literature while participating at a bash Trump rally alongside of BLM.

In Chicago it was so bad that Trump had to postpone his rally there.

Understand that this is what discourse has come to in America. If you don’t agree with someone, you try to shut them down completely and totally. Trumps son Eric has received death threats as have his other children.

And rapper Azealia Banks wished Sarah Palin would be gang rapped by a group of black men! Now imagine if a white person or celebrity were to say that about Whoopi Goldberg or another black personality.

The funny thing is Azealia; the article that you apparently read was SATIRE and NOT a real interview with Palin. You were so stupid that you fell for a fake article and then make those disgusting remarks about Palin. 

Azealia has since apologized once someone told her Palin never said those things in the fake article, and warning Azealia that she’s likely to be sued by Palin.

The false narrative is that Trump’s ‘rhetoric’ is to blame for the violence at his rallies? Really? If that were the case why are there no Trump supporters at Sanders rallies or at Hillary’s rallies causing violence like Sanders supporters do at Trump rallies? It seems pretty clear that those on the left side of the political spectrum are causing the violence, not Trump supporters.

To say that Trump is responsible for the left’s fondness of bulling and violence is like saying GM or Ford is responsible for the drunk driver. To be sure Bernie Sanders has accused Trump of inciting violence but when a reporter pointed out that many of his so called supporters were committing the violence at the Trump rally in Chicago, Bernie clearly stated he can’t be responsible for people’s action simply because they are a Sander’s supporter. 

He said “If I have to take responsibility for everyone who voted for me it would be a very difficult life.” He said this immediately after stating Trump needs to take responsibility and tell his supporters to stop! When in reality it’s not Trump supporters who are violent.

Cruz Bots body slam Trump Supporters (figuratively speaking)

Cruz supporters are likewise attacking conservatives who don’t hold to the line that Cruz is the new Messiah. In one discussion with a CruzBot, I was called a liberal (that was the funniest comment). In the same conversation another piled on to call me “stupid” and another to call me “brain dead” and another to threaten me in all caps “I’D LIKE TO PUNCH YOU IN YOUR FACE.” And why? All because I asked them to be specific and give me a SPECIFIC example of how Trump is a racist (a claim often made by the left and Cruz supporters). Instead they argued like I would expect a Democrat to argue: From emotion and not reason.

Our discourse in this country has risen to the point where meaningful discussions cannot be had. Where the opposition when confronted with their own inconsistencies and hypocrisy fall silent or call you names like “racist” or “homophobe” etc. Where your opposition attempts to get you fired by calling your place of employment or they publish your home address online or they shut down your business through intimidation (Cecil and Palmer ) (Pizza Maker)

The object is NOT to have a reasoned and intelligent discussion anymore. Nor can we simply acknowledge the other's opinion, we also have to accept and validate it. Sorry, but you do NOT have to respect all opinions, only recognize that bullshit opinions do exist through an acknowledgement.

The object today is to silence each and every differing view point someone has to offer. Campuses are filled with hate. Professors spew the hate in their classrooms where it spills out onto the college campus. Ill-informed students take the side of terrorist organizations like Hamas against Israel. Students no longer walk out of lectures; they shut them down with air horns and threats of or actual violence.

Students at Dartmouth have successfully ended a tradition there of Derby weekend as it apparently represents some micro-aggressive form of racism. ( Dartmouth and Derby day party) (Dartmouth video )

And students at Emory were frightened when the words “TRUMP 2016 appeared in chalk on their sidewalks, asking the administration to make a statement that the University did not condone such hateful and racist speech! Students actually stated that they no longer felt safe on campus.
(Emory Students feel unsafe seeing TRUMP in chalk on sidewalks)


To the students: Grow the hell up. The world is not here to coddle you even though you were likely given trophies in grade and high school for just showing and participating. No such trophy exists in real life. Learn to tolerate other people’s opinions.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say you have a RIGHT NOT to be offended. So get used to it you little snowflakes. (The Constitution )

And for you leftist/progressive/liberal/socialists/communists who masquerade as Independents but call yourselves “social liberals” YOU ARE LIBERALS. This I am discovering is an East Coast trend. Liberals hiding behind the moniker of Independent yet openly state that they are “social liberals”. Or worse yet, the liberal who disguises him or herself as a moderate, a middle of the roader person, a fence sitter if you will.

Well if you are in the middle of the road I have some sage advice for you: Pick a fricking lane! If you don’t pick a lane, you’ll get run over by both the right and the left.

And as for being in the middle of the road when it comes to your politics or morals, we call that REALITIVISM. Your morals, your politics are subject to change with a prevailing wind. You have no anchors or absolutes in your life, yet you believe this middle position you have made for yourself as a moderate or independent is somehow morally superior to someone who does have absolutes in their life.

It does nothing of the kind.

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Written by Shade

Friday 08 April 2016 at 3:20 pm

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