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Militarized Policing and WildPC

We've deleted two Facebok pages that we administered. The Wild Political Correctness page and the Militarized Policing Page. There is so much lunacy and malfeasance in the world today and just outright stupidity that it became nearly impossible to choose a "story of the day" to post.

There were simply too many daily examples of brain dead political correctness stories to contend with. We have really reached a point in our society where we live among and are governed by complete blithering idiots devoid of reason or common sense. I give up.

Secondly, police have an extremely tough job to do, but at the same time I don't believe giving your local department a Mine Resistant Ambush Proof (MRAP) vehicle is what we want our cops driving around in. Nor do we want them to be indistinguishable in dress and manner from our military.

To do their job lawfully it takes extreme courage and a tough skin. Unfortunately, there are too many cops today who don't understand policing theory of Serve and Protect. Instead they serve themselves, and protect their own and their own asses when they operate outside of the law they have sworn to uphold and protect.

We also see an abuse by armed Federal agencies like the EPA, BLM, FBI and many other agencies under the Homeland Security umbrella. The government has become so large today that no one person can fight them anymore. The judiciary is stacked against the common man as law enforcement often invokes "limited immunity" when in lay terms means "Even if we fucked up, our intentions were good and you can't sue us" There is little to no accountability unless you were fortunate enough to have your camera recording the interaction.

I'll keep posting relevant stories to our Shade's Landing Inc. page when it comes to the 2nd Amendment, and to my personal Facebook Page outrageous stories of PC running wild and Militarized Police abuse. But you too need to be vigilant. What's at stake is the Republic itself.

Written by Shade

Tuesday 09 February 2016 at 5:07 pm

Posted in News & Editorials

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