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Happy 2016!

We're here, we've made it, now what?

Brace yourselves, the last year of Obama will prove to be a rocky road for gun enthusiasts and patriots alike.

2015 had been an unusual year. Not a bad year and not the greatest of years though in some ways it has been one of our great years here at the Landing.

2015 saw our Muslim-In-Chief still not referring to Islamic terrorists using the proper name islamic terrorists. His administration has yet to reclassify Fort Hood as a terrorist act.  He traded five Jihadis from Gitmo for a deserter named Bergdahl, and emboldened our enimies in the Middle East.

It’s evident now that ISIS was a creation of the Obama Administration (Hillary and Obama) . Obama wanted the Syrian dictator out of power so he with the help of the CIA formented trouble for him with “rebel” who later became known as ISIS. We even armed ISIS and provided military intelligence to them.

Even Russia’s Putin has criticized Obama for creating ISIS. Our involvement in running guns to ISIS and the subsequent coverup may have been the main reason Clinton and Obama ordered troops to stand down at Benghazi.

Obama’s Unconstitutional Gun Grab of 2016

Obama has been threatening to use Executive Orders to circumvent Congress and the will of the people in regards to gun control. Obama believes through rules made as head of the Executive Branch he can usurp the powers of Congress and in fact create a defacto patchwork of rules and regulations to accomplish his gun control agenda.

As Breitbart News reports: Obama plans to implement recommendations put forth by the Center for American Progess (CAP) and instruct ATF to crack down on small dealers at gun shows and to step up inspections. To make it a requirement to report any and all firearms in transit through the mails, and add new regulations on reporting missing or stolen firearms beyond what is already required by Federal law.

He also plans to have ATF ban the sale of any firearm to a person named on the no fly list.

The no fly list contains approximately 47,000 to 50,000 names (approximately 800 are American Citizens) and is filled with errors. The late Senator Ted Kennedy’s name was on the no fly list. And once you are on the list, there is no clear way to get off the list.

So remain vigilant, work with your elected Congressional Representatives and Senators. Put pressure on them by writing letters, calling their Washington offices and e-mailing them. Say NO to the unconstitutional power grab and usurption of power already underway by Obama. Now would be a good time to purchase that firearm you’ve wanted and to stock up on ammunition. Ammunition prices are sure to climb once again.

Written by Shade

Friday 01 January 2016 at 10:58 pm

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