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Who is Cecil? The locals ask.

Cecil is dead... and so are our collective brain cells

In case you've been in a cave the past few days, you know that Cecil was a lion in Zimbabwe that was killed by a Bloomington Minnesota dentist on a big game hunt. Cecil is dead, and the dentist is in hiding due to death threats on his life. But this is a story that just keeps on giving.

I'm sure that Planned Parenthood is very happy that Cecil is in the news so the media focus is not on them. Some might think the overabundance of news stories about Cecil and the dentist is intentional: That Planned Parenthood is a darling of the media so of course they won't cover stories about videos show PP selling fetal body parts. Cecil is so much more important.

In fact Cecil is so important that the locals in the villages close to where Cecil was killed had no idea he was killed. One local even commented "So what? Lions are killed in Africa every day."

This Cecil thing was fueled today with a hoax report that his brother lion Jericho (really? Do all the animals in the jungle have names?)... was shot dead by a hunter (story is false).

The absolutely dumbest ass comment I found posted is this one:

"Frederick Roberson: Poor Cecil. Poor Jericho.
What's going to become of the Cubs ???
Maybe they will be put up for adoption???"

Followed by this one:

"Augustus Puffer: What this has to end, Lions hold a special place in my heart I am a Leo, the Lion is my spirit Animal. Stop it, please."

Ohhhh.... we are all screwed, blued, and tattooed. Bathed in illiteracy and a lust for Unicorns, rainbows and other fancy things, people have not only lost their common sense but are getting dumber by the day.

The funniest post was this one:

"Jason Puddintane Morris: Jericho actually hired a hit man to wack his brother . Illuminati stuff. Jericho didn't go through with his part of the deal and things went sour. True story"

I kind of figured it was a conspiracy, don't trust the anyone. Cecil got whacked by some guy in a black helicopter.

If only our Founding Fathers could see us now.

Written by Shade

Saturday 01 August 2015 at 9:30 pm

Posted in News & Editorials

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