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Murder/Suicide in Apple Valley MN

There was a terrible discovery in a home in Apple Valley on Saturday January 17th around 1:30pm. Three people we found murdered in an apparent murder/suicide.

The people were identified as David T. Crowley (29) and Komel Crowley (28) and their 5-year old daughter Rani.

The call went out at approximately 1:00 pm that a neighbor called about the welfare of their neighbors at 1051 Ramsdell Drive. The dispatcher relayed to Apple Valley squads that the complainant saw three dead bodies, and a gun inside of what would become known as the Crowley’s home. They also stated that there were Christmas packages “out front”. Paramedics were also dispatched to the scene. On arriving the officers secured the scene and established a perimeter and cordoned off the street.

I did a quick check on the address of 1051 Ramsdell drive with the Dakota County Tax Office and found the property listed as follows (Type in 1051 and scroll down to 1051 Ramsdell in the results of the search.)

Owner Address 1051 RAMSDELL DR
Municipality APPLE VALLEY
Acres 0.29
Square Feet 12,548
Date of Sale (Improved) 12/13/2013
Sale Value (Improved) $219,000

The police arrived on the scene just a little after 1:05pm. They reported that a dog was alive and in the house and requested animal control to remove it. Neighbors stated that there was little activity in and around Christmas, leading to them to speculate that the Crowley’s were likely not home during the holidays. It turns out that they were at home. But they were not alive. We’d find out by Sunday that the deceased bodies had been in the home for “several weeks”.

Digging a little deeper into who David and Komel Crowley were, I found David’s Facebook page  In fact we even had some Facebook friends in common.

His page showed his occupation as “Screenwriter, Director, Student” and that he was a founder of The Bullet Exchange, a company whose purpose was to teach actors about how to handle firearms realistically in movies. David apparently was also the Director of an anti-tyranical government movie called Gray State . There are several trailers and updates posted on YouTube, including one where his wife and five year old daughter appear. I want you to watch the above trailer. And you may get a sense of the depth of sorrow this writer feels over the loss of their little girl Rani. The LinkedIn page for David also shows he was a combat veteran of Iraq  and Afghanistan. 

Komel Crowley

Komel was a registered/licensed dietician and nutritional expert according to her LinkedIn page. It’s interesting to note that most of the social media posts and entries for both David and Komel stopped at the end of October (around October 29th to be exact). Nothing more can be found between November 1st and until January 17th when the bodies were discovered.

Nothing that was posted on the social networking sites give any indication of anything wrong within the family. However there is one interesting paragraph on Komel’s LinkedIn page. It states:

“After a very personal journey of resolving my family’s health and mental imbalances, I gained deeper appreciation of the complexities surrounding sustainable behavior change. I have made it my mission to combine holistic psychotherapy with integrative dietary intervention to help others finally “unlearn” maladaptive behaviors preventing them from successfully healing their mind and body.”

It’s not known if the “mental imbalances” Komel speaks of were in her own immediate family or that of her parental unit and siblings. But is the only indicator that something, at one time, may not have been completely right in her family.

She was also the owner of her own company: MindBody LLC and she was active on Twitter  and on Pinterest  where she lists among her intersts “Foodie-Dietitian, aspiring Paleoist-photographer-cake decorator-baker, mommy to a wicked awesome 3 year old and wife to an amazing husband.” By all of her social media interactions it appeared that she was quite happy about her relationship with David and absolutely loved their child.

Final Thoughts – Editorial

It’s too early to know what really took place and what events led up to this horrendous tragedy. There have been few facts released by the Apple Valley PD or the Minnesota BCA (Bureau of Criminal Apprehension) who is assisting in processing the evidence from the crime scene.

The only fact out there right now is that there are three dead people whom the police believe were involved in a murder/suicide. Despite the lack of information and facts being released to the public, it has not stopped the wild speculation of the conspiracy crowd.  

There are dozens of comments on David’s Facebook page and news pages like:

“He was murdered.”,

“ I won’t ever believe that your death, and that of Komel and Rani, happened the way they said.” and;

 “I will never believe that David killed his wife and 5 year old daughter. The NWO guys have murdered before, I find them to be the most likely suspect.”

On Minnesota Talk Show host Sue Jeffer’s Facebook page, people have commented:

“Crowley would not have killed himself. The movie was set to release this month on youtube. There was absolutely no reason for him or his wife to do this. Specially at this time. He worked very hard for many years to put this together, fund it, shoot it, edit it. Its sad a friend has died. Will probable never know what happened.”


“Wow talk about suspicious. This was murder. Look what the film was he was working on. He was offed.”

Give me a break. Alex Jones who has numerous anti-government videos including one called POLICE STATE 4 The Rise of FEMA is still kicking and alive and well. So are numerous other anti-tyranny talk show hosts, writers, authors, and film makers.

Some even speculate that the dog that was found alive at the scene could not have lived that long (several weeks) without being cared for. Neighbors described the dog as “skinny” and stated it was always thin, but not as skinny as skinny as when they discovered it protecting the dead bodies on Saturday, the 17th of January.

Suicidal people have been known to put out extra food and water for their pets. Pets have also been know to drink out of toilet bowls and some have actually nibbled on (ate) the deceased in order to stay alive. While we don’t know if that’s what happened here, it does provide a plausible explanation as to why the animal was still alive.

If we want to speculate, it is much more believable that we have another example of a veteran who has snapped. In the wake of the release of American Sniper the movie, the story of Chris Kyle, we are reminded that PTSD is a real mental disease and is alive in some of our service veterans. I’ve seen it in the vacant eyes of some of my friends who still live with it even though Viet-Nam ended decades ago. Chris Kyle was killed by a fellow veteran suffering from PTSD whom Kyle was trying to help. PTSD a real problem and must be dealt with.

 It’s also likely that the movie he was making: Gray State, was not moving ahead as Crowley expected. Some of his friends have argued otherwise. They say it was about to be released on YouTube or that he was closing in on a major studio deal (both have been thrown into the debate). But there is no real evidence to suggest that it was close to release or that Crowley had landed a Hollywood contract for it.

We do know Crowley held a garage sale in September of 2014. This was confirmed to me by one of his neighbors who is also a friend of mine. For sale were tactical vests, air soft guns, training guns, belts, holsters, gas masks and more. It is also discussed by Crowley himself on his Facebook page where he states he'd like company for the event as he'll likely be "bored".

Could it be that his company The Bullet Exchange was failing or had failed? That he was selling these items to gain whatever cash he could get from them due to a failed business? That would explain one reason why this tragedy occured. It could have been the tipping point. But again… this is all speculation. Even though it makes for a plausible explanation, it is still speculation – NOT FACT. As much so as the conspiracy theories running wild on the net about this family’s demise.

We will find out what happened. And what the timeline is in this murder/suicide.

I took an interest in this case since it happened not far from my doorstep. And I don’t buy into the conspiracy theories. I took interest in this case because of a little girl named Rani who needs this tale told and she needs to be remembered. I believe she is the true tradgedy here.

And I am mad as hell about the loss of life, about Rani's death in particular. 

Whoever did commit this henious act has my sincere and never dying outrage and hope that they burn in hell for eternity for the commission of their sin.

I will keep this story updated. You can bet on that.

** 01-22-2015 - UPDATE **

The Hennepin County Coronor has released the results of the autopsy in the murders of David and Komel Crowley and their 5-year old daughter Rani. It was a murder/suicide at the hands of David Crowley.

Here is the KSTP news story on the announcement.

** 01-26-2015 Update ***

The Apple Valley police have recently reported that there was NO evidence of a forced entry at the Crowley home.

Further we know for a fact that there was NO Hollywood contract let alone one worth $30 million as one poster wrote online. Crowley's businesses failed and failed spectacularly according to his long time friend and former business partner Mitch Heil. Everything Heil says fits the timeline I speculated on above. There was no vast government conspiracy. It is simply another tragic ending of someone who served his country only to find the burdens at home were more than he could bear.

May God have mercy on his soul and forever from now and through eternity may God have a place in heaven for Komel and Rani Crowley.

Here is a link to the story from Mitch Heil.

Also this is another story on the murder/suicide in Apple Valley.

UPDATE - Final Chapter - 01-11-2016
Investigators have released their final report in this murder/suicide. It is summarized in this KMSP news story. The report pretty much confirms my theories above, from financial issues, a failed attempts to market the film that consumed Crowley, and how the dog managed to survive.

Written by Shade

Monday 19 January 2015 at 11:38 am

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