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A Hunting we will go!

2014 style...

Just finishing packing up my "stuff" for the Minnesota deer opener tomorrow, November 8th. Over 500,000 hunters will take to the MN woods and fields for the operner.

I've got my hopes up... but am also being realistic. It's been a couple of years since I got skunked, and then it was only because I couldn't see the front sight as an 8 pointer passed by my stand at 1 second after legal shooting hours began!

And can you imagine my disapointment when another 8 pointer passed behind my stand with about a minute left of shooting time. It was so dark, that again, I could see the front sight!

Now I hunt with a Leopould 5X VariX scope. It gathers ton of light. I took my buck last year using it and on opening day (around 9am if I recall).

Forecast is exteme cold for this time of year. About 24 degrees and a north wind of 20 -30 MPH. It will not be fun waiting in the stand for that legal shooting time of half an hour before sunrise... but somehow I do think I will make it.

---> Update 11-10-2014 <---

Not a thing this past weekend. Jason saw a couple of spike bucks but he let them pass. If they had come my way... they'd be venison steaks by today! Will keep you posted! Back home to teach two classes this week!

---> Update 11-12-2014 <----

The Minnesota DNR reports that there were 53,000 deer registered in the first three days of the opener. That number is down by 30,000 over 2013 numbers.

Here's what the game camera  picked up (not quite the 12 pointer I was dreaming of):

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Friday 07 November 2014 at 5:54 pm

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