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To the new parent...

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I have a friend who said he and his wife are expecting their first child. "GREAT NEWS" I said and almost in the same breath I told him to expect that he will think he is the worlds worst father. It happens... I told him as a new parent we ALL make mistakes.

No one taught us situational parenting. We do the best we can do and hope our legacies turn out to be productive members of society. I asked him if he thought his father made some mistakes along the way? "Do you think there is anything your Dad ever did that he wishes he could take back and do over?" He agreed with me as he remembered those times.

It's those things that haunt a good parent and are the ones that are never forgotten by your children. But we do the best that we can do.

If we over protect out children, they never learn how to pick themselves back up after they fall. If we are always there to point out what the child is doing wrong, they'll believe that they can never do anything right. It's a balancing act between micro-child-rearing and letting the child's spirit explore and discover things on their own. Including failure.

If we give them everything and fill every minute of their day with activities WE think they should be involved in, there is not time left for our children to discover creative play on their own. They will always be looking for an authority figure to provide it for them.

Yet if we are too casual about our discipline when the child does wrong, we demonstrate there are no consequences for their actions. If we try to be our children's friend, we lose our role of being the parent.

It's not easy I told my friend. But while children can and do provide countless hours of joy, we as parents, must stop being afraid for them. Do not project your fears of an uncertain world, onto your child as it is an imprint that can last for their entire life.

And by all means, show them God's love.

So make your mistakes, and try to keep them as small as possible, and at the end of the day pray you've done it right. And one day in the future as you realize you have an empty nest, you'll be proud that they turned out to be such good people despite those mistakes we made as Mom or as Dad. I know. My wife and I are proud parents of two.

By: Gary Shade - 09/03/2014

Written by Shade

Wednesday 03 September 2014 at 09:53 am

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