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Yet another "moderate" encounter

Facebook: A mecca for liberals and so called moderates...

Facebook can suck you right into arguments with the zombie like leftists and centrists that inhabit it. Here is yet another snippet of just such a conversation.  I have addressed this before. But it's always good to call them out over their statement "I'm a moderate". They are anything but a moderate. It's a label they hide behind as you will see here.

Jeff   you said: "I'm so tired of both sides digging in their heals, and then nothing gets done. You're both just a bunch of crying babies having a temper tantrum until you get you way.
It's time for compromise. It's time to get some things done"

And we're tired of those who would compromise their beliefs and their values to "get some things done".

I want people of honor and who exhibit morals and values when engaged in the political process. What I am tired of Jeff, is scandal after scandal, where our government targets it's own citizens in an effort to stifle debate and to stuff the ballot box. I don't want men or women of such little worth that they would "compromise" to "get some things done".

I know that it may sound like a strange concept - but it really is NOT time for compromise (that's what has brought us to this point in our recent history). It's time for people who have a backbone to be voted into office.

The definition of Ethics is the study of morals: The right or wrong of an action. Your centrist view tells me that you are NOT so much in favor of ethical behavior in our politicians, but rather compromise to "get some things done".

Being a centrist further tells me that your values WILL be compromised by whomever has the winning sound byte of the day. We call that moral relativism vs. having moral absolutes. It's so important to you to be seen as centrist that you'll even resort to name calling and dismiss anyone who does not share the middle of the road with you a "bunch of cry babies". By your own statement you are a "RADICAL" middle of the road type of guy.

That is too bad. Sooner or later you will have to grow a pair and answer the question "What do I really believe in and can I justify my belief as being morally correct." Only then will you be a moral absolutist and capable of standing up for and defending the position you take on issues. Until then, you're like the SNL poor Mr. Lubner, born without a spine and proud of it.

Good luck with your inner struggle.

Written by Shade

Tuesday 20 May 2014 at 10:25 am

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