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How mental illness affects perception

Rarely do I like to partake in the Internet forums or Facebook threads with the lunitic left. But it has happened. Like a black hole, I get pulled into this type of abyss.

Recently it happened once again to me on Facebook. There exists "Judy". She is left of left, delusional in how she views events; constantly is re-writing history and in general, just a pain in the ass. She can take any discussion and tarnish it with her accusations that it's still Bush's fault, or the "GOPTEA" party (they are two spearate parties with two distinctly different platforms) is rsponsbile for a pleathoa of ills as the left sees it. Such as: A war on women (Clinton, Edwards ring a bell? Both were Democrats & both objectified women), and a flight of jobs and a crushing of the middle class. None of which are true.

So without fully identifying Judy, I want to share what she wrote to me and what my response to her was.

Ok - let's see how much bullshit Judy packed into her run on, un-hyphenated rant above:

"Shade, you answers were not only inaccurate, but your racist slur was not only abhorrent but totally uncalled for..."

My racist slur? Your reading comprehension is just below that of a rock Judy. Lyndon Baynes Johnson said "I’ll Have Those Niggers Voting Democratic For The Next 200 Years." It wasn't me. I detest the "N" word but it is part of our history. Watch who you are calling racist you delusional b^&^^.

Democrats gave us the KKK, Jim Crow, lynchings, poll taxes, literacy tests, and failed policies like the “Great Society.

Talk about the party of racism. And stop trying to rewrite history Judy!

Judy said: "When people are being told they have to bend to any religious belief system it will be contrary to someone else's therefore an immediate infringement..."

No one is imposing religion on you are they Judy? You're an avowed atheist if I recall. So who is trying to push religion on who here? It certainly is not us. But if I want to thank God for all he has provided to me (and you) and you don't like that I do - too damn bad. That's why we have the 1st Amendment.

Judy said: "Women are being subjected to testing and the inability to control what they can and cannot do with their own bodies..."

Again more unsubstantiated, unsourced propaganda from the left.

According to Planned Parenthood, there are an estimated 1.4 million abortions in this country or 38,365 babies murdered every day.

While you stand up for your right to rip a baby from it's womb, I stand up for that baby. There will come a judgement day Judy, whether you believe in God or not.

Judy said: "The GOPTEA party thinks they have the right to tell human beings who the can and cannot love and marry..."

No. The defense of marriage act was signed into law by Bill Clinton. A Democrat if I recall. And Obama was against same sex marriage before he was for it.

Once again we have Judy attempting to rewrite history!

"President Obama didn't run anything into any abyss this was already happening long before he took office..."

Here are some facts for you Bush haters:

Up until 2007,
· We were at 4.4% unemployment in March 2007.
· The stock market closed at an all time high of 13000 in April 2007.
· The BLS reported that in March 2007, inflation stood at 2.8% over the same period last year.
· Since August 2003 (and through April 2007), more than 7.8 million jobs had been created, with nearly 2 million jobs created over the last 12 months of that period. Our economy added jobs for 43 straight months as of April 2007, and the unemployment rate remained low at 4.4 percent.
· An incredible 95.6% of all Americans who wanted to work WERE working!
· The Economy as of April 2007 had experienced over five years of uninterrupted growth, averaging 3.0 percent a year since 2001.
· Since the first quarter of 2001 and through April of 2007, productivity growth averaged 2.8 percent. This is well above average productivity growth in the 1990s, 1980s, and 1970s.
· In 2006, U.S. exports (12.7 Percent) grew faster than imports (10.5 Percent) for the first time since 1997.

So tell me again how bad it was under George Walker Bush. It was very good and it only changed after the Pelozi Democrats took office in the last two years of his Presidency.

Judy said: "The Democrats are not perfect, but in comparison to the radical right they are superior with regard to taking care of the hard working American."

Are you kidding me? Since Obama has been in office the Middle Class (often to thought to be what you are talking about with the term "hard working American" lost ground - not gained it.

Middle-wage jobs, paying between $13.84 and $21.13, comprised 60% of recession job losses, but only 22% of jobs added in recovery. Higher-wage jobs, paying $21.14 to $54.55, accounted for 19% of recession job losses and 20% of jobs gained in the recovery.

Judy said: "GOPTEA supports the ability to tax dodge, consider corporations as people, send American jobs overseas robbing our country of much needed employment, taking benefits from our Veterans our Education our Children our Elderly our Disabled our less fortunate..."

No Judy, the Tea Party as I told you previously believes in:

1) Smaller government
2) Fiscal Responsibility (eliminate the national debt)
3) Less taxes (eliminate excessive taxes)
4) Eliminate deficit spending
5) Abide by the The United States Constitution
6) Promote civic responsibility
7) Believe in individual exceptionalism (Not the collective)
8) Avoid the pitfalls of politics (i.e. avoid big money & special interests)

That Judy is the Tea Party platform. Consult the GOP for theirs.

What you posted is more like the Democrat platform of 2012.

One more thing, it was a McCain (and Feingold) bill that the Supreme Court overturned as unconstitutional. McCain if you recall can barely be called a Republican but that is the party he identifies with and it was his bill that prohibited donations in the way of advertising for a candidate by big corporations. THE REPUBLICANS WERE AGAINST TREATING CORPS. AS PEOPLE you simpleton. It was the Supreme Court that said corporations had a right to free speech just like the individual.

Judy said: "The reason why our country is ailing is not because of the Democrats, it is because of systems puts in place by the GOP to make sure they could control everything in order to continue to stuff their pockets off the sweat of the hard working American..."

You have to be a special kind of stupid not to recognize that the Democrats have been in charge of both houses from 2007 to 2009 and continue to have a majority in the Senate and we do have a Democrat as President Judy.

The recent FBI stings in California and elsewhere all indicted DEMOCRATS Judy. Not Republicans or Tea Party members. We were too busy trying to keep the NSA from reading your e-mails, or having the IRS audit only conservatives.

Judy said "The middle class has been put into extinction because of the GOP...The lack of compromise is what put us in the mess we are in right now...If the GOPTEA is so omnipotent, then why is it they are totally unable to even control the massive attacks they launch on each other...They do not even support one another...It is like watching a slew of snakes eating each other....."

I have to say, that the Democrats do circle the wagons. I mean who else would have welcomed a convicted felon who was convicted of voter fraud in the last election with open arms? It was not the Republicans. It was not the Tea Party. Oh yeah.... it was Democrats. Read about it here.


Written by Shade

Friday 28 March 2014 at 08:38 am

Posted in News & Editorials

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