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The Overthrow of America

It's already happened

Homeland Security

Where you or are you aware that America has already experienced a political coup? We’ve been overthrown and it has come from within and without a shot being fired. It's like Obama saying "If you like your country you can keep it." as we all know how that worked for our insurance plans.

Oh that surprises you? If it does, then I have to ask where the hell have you been for the last 20 years? I’ve been watching the erosion of individual rights since I graduated high school back in 1970. I’ve watched our Republic slowly change over time until we now tremble in the presence of our own local and militarized police force.

We heard the President tell the French Prime Minister that ‘That’s the good thing about being president, I can do anything I want”

Apparently there is no one willing to tell him “No-no Mr. President” you really can’t do anything you want.” With nearly 1,000 Executive orders and over 20,000 new regulations from government agencies… he believes he can. And Congress has let him get away with this unprecedented expansion of Executive Branch power in the history of the United States through their spineless inaction.

Today we have a President and regime that wants total control. They perpetrate illegal activities such as Fast and Furious to further their agenda. They lie about events that shape America and the world such as Benghazi. They want to stifle dissent and use the IRS as their enforcer. They’ve even gone so far as to propose GOVERNMENT AGENTS be present in news rooms to assess (intimidate) how news stories are chosen.

We have the EPA involved in ruining and bankrupting people who chose to stand in their way of implementing the North American version of the U.N. Agenda 21. The EPA has lost significant court cases in the past couple of years over their heavy handed approach in denying property owners their right to develop their land as they see fit. Still it does not stop the EPA from running out and doing the same thing to yet another family or business.

The First Lady, Michelle Obama, also gets in on the act with her dictator like insertion into every schoolhouse lunch room in the US.  Parents and students alike hate these new restrictions where even high school athletes are calorie limited to around 400 calories per lunch (they require about 3 times that many calories or their bodies start eating muscle). Some students and parents have revolted.

And how about the President’s newest program targeted at minority youth. It’s called the “My Brother’s Keeper” program. Sorry Mr. President, but the Government should not play the “keeper” of anyone. And why only minority men? The program targets minority black, Hispanic and Asian males. Why not females? Why not young impoverished white males? Why set this up to divide us rather than making it a program that unites us? We’ve already seen one of your programs, the youth corp and how that has turned out or rather what is has turned into.

The Department of Justice has said it will only enforce the laws they believe need to be enforced. By doing so we turn our back to the Republic and instead of being a nation of laws, we become one of men. It is in the very essence of a free society that it be governed by laws that apply equally to all men. When we are governed by men and their petty politics we have tyranny.

And it does add up to is tyranny. Few families or small businesses have the resources to fight city hall let alone the Federal government. It seems like daily this administration comes up with yet another program or regulation that divides us as a nation rather than uniting us. No one has risen up as a unified group to fight this tyranny. Certainly not our current set of Republican legislators who seem to have left the Constitution back in the fiction section of the Congressional library. It’s been with great disappointment to many to see the GOP roll over and play dead on so many of these issues.

As we ready ourselves for the 2014 elections, look for that candidate who articulates freedom, individual exceptionalism, and a strict interpretation of the Constitution. One who can once again get us back on track to having the private sector create jobs in the private sector and cut back on the hundreds of thousands of government jobs created since Obama took office.

Written by Shade

Friday 28 February 2014 at 11:34 am

Posted in News & Editorials

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