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Christians Awakened - 12/22/2013

Why we say "Merry Christmas"

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Christians are being slaughtered, persecuted, forced by government to denounce their faith (contraceptive mandates etc.), and schools have all but banned even simple children's writings that mention God or faith. And we might was well forget about having a Christmas Tree or Nativity scene on school or government property.

Government is not supposed to ban religion they are supposed to allow the free exercise of it. At least that is the way I read the Constitution. And not just our religion. Government must recognize the free exercise of all religions and make no law to the contrary.And Christians are waking up. We're becoming vocal.

What's the most heard phrase this year? It's Merry Christmas. Everyone is saying it! Have you noticed? And as someone recently said "It makes it feel like a small town again" and it does. It's warm and welcoming and all inclusive. "Merry Christmas to all" as the poem goes. While this time of the year is ours as Christians (it is after all about Christ), our greeting is not meant to disparage others, it is meant as both a greeting and a statement that good men and women of faith do exist. We've been here all along.

What is the most watched cable show? Charlie Sheen? Nope. It's one about a family who has values and is not afraid to talk about them or to pray at supper. They loudly  thank God and proudly display their faith and America loves it. God bless those rednecks on Duck Dynasty.

One of the most watched videos this year is: Miley Cyrus? Nope. It's Pentatonix and their incredible little drummer boy. With over 22 MILLION views it demonstrates that faith wins out over the immoral garbage that some call entertainment.

Faith based songs, movies (such as Left Behind) are some of the top selling entertainment in the world. Yet this fact is too often overlooked. The majority of America have values, and have faith in God.

Those who believe we will run from our God, or not proclaim Jesus as out salvation could not be more wrong. If I must tolerate Islam, a religion where grown men marry and rape 12 year old girls, a religion based on intolerance of other religions and their submission to Islam or their destruction, then they should know that we will not bend to their Sharia, or their will. And we will call their so called religious practices barbaric, backwards and immoral.

If I have to tolerate the Atheist or the Agnostic then by God they had better tolerate my views and my religion. To do otherwise would be tyranny.

And more than one performance of Hallelujah on YouTube has over 10 million views including this incredible performance:

And let's not forget that some of us, are very, very funny, such as John Pinette ...

Christians have been awakened and we are vocal. We refuse to talk of our religion and our Savior in hushed tones and only in our homes. We will be the messengers of His word.

Rejoice - the time of our Savior is at hand. As is his birthday. Merry Christmas to all and may there one day be peace of earth.

Written by Shade

Sunday 22 December 2013 at 8:42 pm

Posted in News & Editorials

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