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So you thought you were getting a "free" phone did you? Did you really think your government is so benevolent that it would just hand you a phone with no strings attached?

Well guess what you little Obama voter you... there are strings attached. The governemnt is listening to your phone conversations, tracking you, and making a list and checking it twice. Now relax... they claim it is only to see if you are calling or receiving calls from any known terrorist, but do you really beleive them? After all they lied to you about your free phone.

But if you should ever open your eyes, go back to school and finish your grade school education (or maybe even go onto high school and get your GED), then you might start saying "What the hell?" in regards to where this country is headed.

"All agents in the vincinity of 703-xxx-xxxx be on the lookout for this individual who is now awake and making informed decisions. Proceed with exceed caution as this person is now considered an enemy of the state."

Yeah - that's you! You're awake now and saying what the hell is going on all around me? Why did I not see this before?

You whip open your 'Bama phone to call your friend Zach and after dialing, you realize you're not alone. Someone is listening in. You decide to make small talk thinking no one can ever mistake this conversation as anything from a potential terrorist. But your wrong and know you are as soon as you say to Zach "The concert last night was da' bomb." Oh - oh -- now what do you do? You quickly terminate the phone conversation and as you are passing some homeless person, you put the phone in their shopping cart! Phew that was a close one.

Now you walk briskly away to your favorite Starbucks and pull out your credit card to pay. Oh crap - they can track me on this, but you don't have enough cash on you to pay for the latte mocha chocolate frapino. So you say "sorry" and run from the store, looking directly into the Surveillance camera as you run away.

Welcome to 2013.

Written by Shade

Thursday 06 June 2013 at 4:43 pm

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