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Musings on week ending 02-24-2013

Random thoughts from last week...

Musings on the week that was that ended on 2-24-2013

The DFL still does not understand what the 2nd Amendment is about as witnessed by the anti-gun bills they've introduced in the Minnesota Senate.

It is starting to smell like spring time outside and the Robins know it.

Ammo is still scarce. But we told you all last year that it would be. No one listened up until it was in short supply. Lucky I took my own advice and stockpiled a few thousand rounds in each of my favorite calibers.

If there is a financial collapse, the best things you can have with which to barter are whiskey, tobacco and firearms. Why do you think the boogie man is called ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms?). Keep your gold and silver. It will come in handy too, but not as handy as AT and F. Time to stock up on those items along with other essentials like salt and T.P.

Picked up an ASP baton at the show - just for play. Have not hit myself in the head with it yet. Stay tuned.

Also picked up a new 550 Lumen flashlight. Unintentionally and temporarily blinded the cat with it. He looked drunk as tried to walk after that bright flash. Almost as funny as watching him eat peanut butter.

Grandson Thomas is a God send. He has such a personality and he's smart as a whip at 8 months old. Now crawling, babbling and beginning to communicate. He's also pulling himself up which means it won't be long before he's walking.

Gun shows are fun. A great way to reconnect with old friends like Doc, Gaylen, Chris and others. As well as the other vendors. Same faces, same tables for the past ten years! Rod - you should have been there!!

Jason (my son) is one hell of a cook. What a great spicy ginger chicken dinner he made on Friday night and was that chicken soup ever good on Sunday! Had a great time with him at the show.

Remember to pray for the living and to honor the dead. Have a great week.

Written by Shade

Tuesday 26 February 2013 at 9:18 pm

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