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Observations from last week made on 02/18/2013:

Musings on the week that was...

Gas prices approaching $4.00 a gallon - I believe we will top this.

Unemployment remains high.

Taxes: What can be said that has not already been said except that government at all levels want more... more... more of them.

Government is the tyranny from within that our founding fathers feared most along with an apathetic and ill-informed public.

Ammunition: Is it a thing of the past? Paid $50 for a box of twenty .300 RUM cartridges last week. Should have reloaded!

People are inherently good and most are conservatives. At least the friends and the students I have and we have as a company. I don't have time to attempt to educate people are who are just so damned stupid in regard to politics or economics. Let them fail and ponder why.

We are NOT a free people anymore. We are managed (a theme in our classes now). Look back in your lives, are you as free as you were 20 years ago or when you were a child? I think not.

Belly fat is like an unwanted relative. Once it moves in, good luck getting rid of it.

What's important is talking to and with your spouse and children.

What's fun is getting updates on and seeing your grandchildren.

Greatest fear: My grandson Thomas looking up at me and asking "Grandpa', what was freedom like?"

My greatest joy: Family, friends and the critters we call pets.

After purchasing the GoPro camera last week, the thought occurred to me that this particular camera is meant for people who are really active and who sky dive, jump of cliffs in squirrel suits, snowboard or surf. And I'm not inclined to do any of those! I'll attach it to my gun in hunting season and record my success or lack thereof.

Food is not only essential, but can be a culinary delight when shared with someone you love.

On every Valentine's day be sure to not only buy the chocolate truffles for the Mrs. but be sure to throw in a couple dark chocolate covered cherries for yourself!

Have a great week!

Written by Shade

Monday 18 February 2013 at 09:39 am

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