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Minnesota Gun Owners Alert!

Draconian bills introduced at the MN Legislature

For Immediate Release

Today, January 31st, several anti-gun bills were introduced into the Minnesota House. Not one of these bills addresses the criminal misuse of firearms, but creates new categories of criminals that mainly include lawful gun owners.

HF0238 – Alters language of 609.66

This bill makes it a felony to carry a firearm on school property  for persons who have a permit to carry a pistol. Currently it is a misdemeanor for someone who has a permit to carry. The question is why? Is there a problem where permit holders are carrying illegally on school property now? If not why change the law and target ONLY carry permit holders?

HF239 – Posted businesses (establishments)

Currently it is a petty misdemeanor and a $25 fine and your gun cannot be confiscated and you cannot be arrested if you are asked to leave a posted establishment and do not. The proposed law HF0239 changes existing law and provides for a GROSS Misdemeanor for the first time and a felony for the second and subsequent occurrences if a permit holder does not leave when asked. 

Again, has there been a problem with permit holders being asked to leave who don’t leave? If not what is the purpose of this law other than to step on the necks of lawful carry permit holders?

HF-0240 – Sheriffs can require a mental health professional sign off on someone in order for that person to get a permit to carry.

The proposed law is so broadly worded it could be ripe for abuse. It is neither a good law nor a well written law.

HR-0241 – Assault Weapons

This bill bans from ownership any firearm that accepts detachable magazines and fixed magazines (of a specified size) and also includes shotguns and pistols.

This is a total rewrite of 624.712 Subdivision 7. And adds a prohibited section 624.7133 making it “unlawful for any person to manufacture, import, transfer, or possess an assault weapon. (624.7133 Subd. 2)

The bill requires current owners (if eligible) to register their firearms by September 1 2013, remove them from the state of Minnesota, or turn them into a law enforcement agency for destruction.

This is such an overreaching bill it is difficult to know where to begin. It ushers in gun registration for virtually all semi-automatic rifles, pistols and shotguns in use today. It also deprives Minnesotans of their property through forced surrender of their firearms to law enforcement.

We have had our current “assault Weapons” bill on the books for years and it has worked well. There is not a big problem with semi-automatic rifles in Minnesota.

On a national scale, rifles account for approx. 350 deaths a year compared to nearly 500 deaths a year from hammers. Our legislature in all their wisdom should be looking at Home Depot and not Colt. Doctors account for over 195,000 accidental deaths annually. Far more than all firearms combined.

The question again is why is this bill even being suggested when military style rifles (aka assault rifles) are not a problem in Minnesota?

In the U.S. Supreme Court decision of Miller, the high court ruled that firearms in common use and having some utility to a military purpose would be protected by the 2nd Amendment. It is precisely these firearms that the legislature is considering banning that the high court said would be protected.

HF 0242 and 0243 – Ban on high capacity magazines

This bill (HF0242) would ban any magazine capable of holding over 10 rounds. HF0243 bans any fixed magazine over seven rounds.

This is an arbitrary number driven by politics and not by science or study. The Minnesota legislature has decided  to dictate to law abiding men and women what some bureaucrat believes is sufficient firepower to be used in self-defense.  Ten rounds may not be enough if one is faced with multiple attackers. And yet, these legislators believe they have some mystical crystal ball that would otherwise guarantee your safety and ours.


Shade’s Landing Inc. is a firearms training company comprised of Minnesota, and Utah State certified instructors and NRA instructors. We are  a federally licensed  manufacturer of firearms and dealer and gunsmith. We are also a licensed NFA firearm manufacturer. We have been in business since 1995 in Minnesota.  We are family owned and operated.

These draconian laws not only hurt our business and employees, but they reach and adversely affect all Minnesotans who own firearms.

We believe these laws embody tyranny and are on their face unconstitutional. We urge both sides of the isle in our legislature to vote no to these draconian measures.

For more information or to contact a speaker call:

Shade’s Landing Inc.
PO Box 240653
Apple Valley MN
(952) 891-1537

Minnesota gun owners should call their state representatives and senators!
In addition, you should call and e-mail the Public Safety Committe Members:

Public Safety Committee Members (good to fill up their voice mail with calls in addition to emails):

Representative Michael Paymar (DFL) - Chairman

Representative Paul Rosenthal (DFL) - Vice Chairman

Representative Tony Cornish (R) - Republican Lead
651- 296-4240

Representative Debra Hilstrom (DFL)

Representative Brian Johnson (R)

Representative Tim Kelly (R)

Representative Andrea Kieffer (R)
651-296- 1147

Representative John Lesch (DFL)

Representative Kathy Lohmer (R)

Representative Joe Mullery (DFL)

Representative Jim Newberger (R)
651-296- 2451

Representative Shannon Savick (DFL)

Representative Dan Schoen (DFL)

Representative Steve Simon (DFL)

Representative Erik Simonson (DFL)

Representative Linda Slocum (DFL)

Representative Mark Uglem (R)

Representative John Ward (DFL)

Written by Shade

Thursday 31 January 2013 at 10:42 pm

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