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Connecticut Police Spokeman threatens bloggers...

Suspension of 1st Amendment rights!

A CT police spokes person on 12/16/2012 stated that it is a "concern" about postings on social media sites. And threatens prosecution of anyone posting anything (apparently) about the Newtown CT murders.

My first impression is what a jackass he is. Who the hell do they belive themselves to be to be threatening bloggers with prosecution about posting information regarding the Newton school murders?

The drive-by media were the ones that got it so wrong. In their haste to report on the story they confused Ryan with his brother Adam Lanza who actually carried out the murders. They failed in thei journalistic obligation as reporters.

There is wide speculation taking place over the Internet that the Aurora CO theater murders and the Newtown murders might have a connection and it would be with their fathers. The speculation is that they were both involved with the LIBOR financial scandal. But that is all speculation. While it is true that Adam Lanza's father Peter, worked as the Tax Director for General Electric and James Holme's (the Aurora CO shooter) father worked at FICO as a Fraud Scientist (detecting financial fraud) there is not a confirmed link between them as witnesses for the Senate investigation involving LIBOR.

The speculation is that both of these men: Peter Lanza and Robert Holmes were to testify in the LIBOR scandal before the U.S. Senate.

If they were involved in Libor and about to give testimony, then this link could very well be huge and a reason the CT Police Chief has come out with threats of prosecution as a means to silence the speculation. The spokesperson did say that they were working with the Federal government to evaluate social media postings and that they would move ahead with prosecutions as needed. A very chilling statement.

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Tuesday 18 December 2012 at 1:38 pm

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