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More than a disturbance in the force...

Our sincerest sympathies

Our sincerest sympathies to those who lost a loved one and especially a child in the shooting yesterday in Connecticut.

Still some do not get it. A dear friend of mine is one of them along with Mayor Bloomberg of NY who could not wait to politicize and demonize guns after the tragedy. The Facebook conversation with my friend went something like this:

My friend: Guns are not the problem.....but they have become a symptom of a deeper problem....THAT is what we need to confront.

My response: A symptom of a deeper problem? Really? I've owned guns for all of my adult life. And none of my guns have ever been linked to a "deeper problem".

Perhaps we need to confront the progressive state of mind that puts our kids (and adults) at risk by creating so called gun free zones where a psychopath like this shooter or the one in Oregon or Colorado or Columbine or Virginia Tech believes that he can shoot others at will because there is no one who can shoot back. We've got over 40 years of data that tells us nearly every one of the mass shootings takes place in a so called "gun free" zone. We know that the signs and postings, and employee handbooks prohibiting guns on premise are worthless because criminals by their very definition DO NOT OBEY SIGNS (or the law).

The "deeper problem" is a mamby pamby, nanny state government and society that really believes in unicorns and rainbows and that there exists no evil of this magnitude in the world. That is the "deeper problem" a failure to recognize the evil when confronted with it over and over again - yet hoping for a different outcome. Man has a moral obligation to protect themselves and the innocent. And we simply can not do it when the prevailing thought is to keep the good guys unarmed.

If we don't even recognize the evil in Washington that confronts our nation, how can we be expected to see it in the boy next door?


Written by Shade

Saturday 15 December 2012 at 06:16 am

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