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There is a distrubance in the force...

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One of my favorite lines from Star Wars had to do with sensing that there was something wrong - some disturbance in the force. But first, we have to answer what exactly is the force?

Most would say it is the force of good vs. evil. That the disturbance is when the force is unbalanced and tipping towards evil. I'm thinking about 53% of our country feels the disturbance as we approach the apocalyptic 12-21-2012 date where the Mayan calendar ends. First one has to recognize that evil exists in order to recognize it. And it all starts with large, tyrannical governments, and an uninformed, apathetic populace who cares more about their "Obama-phones" than the natural rights of man.

The day after Thanksgiving, the Obama administration proposed over 80 new regulations from government agencies. In the previous 30 days leading up to Thanksgiving there were 1,773 new regulations offered! And that is not counting the 6,125 proposed regulations offered up prior to November 9th! And we've not yet seen all the regulations that will come from the implementation of Dodd-Frank on financial institutions and from Obamacare!

We're quickly losing our freedoms and not by some act of Congress, but rather through inaction of Congress in asserting itself and demanding Obama and his administration adhere to the Constitution. This is a disturbance in the force to be sure.

As part of the Obama plan to avoid the so called financial cliff, Obama wants Congress to hand over to him the power to borrow money which is a Constitutional power of Congress and NOT the executive branch.

What we have is the start to a dictatorship here in America. Government without representation can be found in the thousands of regulations by agencies, huge bills like Dodd-Frank and the Affordable Cart Act that remove our legislators from governing and simply hand Congressional power to some unelected bureaucrat housed in one of the thousands of government agencies we now have. This is not the Republic our founding fathers envisioned.

And Benjamin Franklin said it best when he said "When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic. " So in today's world of politics, all one has to do is to vote in legislators or a President who promises you a new cell phone, food stamps, Pell grants, or maybe a new washer and dryer while we're at it. The end of the Republic is near.

Romney was correct. Nearly 47% of America's population pays no income taxes. There is a growing number of takers and fewer and fewer makers. You can take ALL of the money from the rich and it will run our government for about 8 days. An excellent video on this is on YouTube and produced by Bill Whittle and is titled "Eat the Rich" it is a must watch for anyone concerned with our country and where it is headed.

And we have not even touched on the threat to America caused by Islamification. And this too is a disturbance in the force; a fight between good and evil that is already here in America. As the Star Wars line goes: "May the force be with you." so long as there still is a force.

Written by Shade

Monday 03 December 2012 at 10:39 am

Posted in News & Editorials

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