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***Obama's Acts of Treason and Violations of Federal Laws***

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Benghazi is an absolute scandal and bigger than Watergate ever was. Yet the main street press fails to report on the coverup. President Obama and his administration are guilty of high crimes and teason. We have a justice dept. that only investigates civil rights violations AGAINST blacks, none that are comitted BY blacks. You have an EPA that is out of control telling landowners they can not build on their land and even after the Supreme Court rules in favor of the Homeowners, the EPA writes them and tells them they don't care what the Supreme Court said - they will fine the landowners over $30,000 a day for everyday their framed out home remains on the land!

But these are just some of the violations of federal law committed by Obama and his henchmen. Read on....

1. Perpetrating acts of fraud, perjury and conspiracy in his refusal to confirm his lawful eligibility to serve as president under the US Constitution Article II, Section 1, constituting im
peachable offenses of high crimes and misdemeanors adumbrated in the US Constitution Article II, Section 4;

2. Surrendering sovereign US war-making to foreign powers and International authorities by attacking Libya without consulting Congress, in violation of US Constitution Article I, Section 8 and US Code Title 50, Chapter 33:1541-1548;

3. Accepting foreign title and office while acting as US President and without consulting Congress when in 2009, Obama assumed the Chairmanship of the UN Security Council, the international body responsible for declaring war on behalf of the UN, in violation of US Constitution Article I, Section 9;

4. Making bribery attempts in word and indeed, as Obama's Administration offered bribes to at least three Federal candidates for office: Joe Sestak, Andrew Romanoff and Jim Matheson, in violation of US Code Title 18, Section 201;

5. Defying a Federal Court Order by refusing to halt the unconstitutional implementation of the "Patient Health care and Affordable Care Act" of 2010, popularly known as "Obamacare", in violation of US Constitution Article II, Section 3, and Article III, Sections 1 & 2;

6. Defying a Federal Court Order by refusing to grant lawful deep water drilling permits, in violation of US Constitution Article II, Section 3, and Article III, Sections 1 & 2;

7. Executive Branch creation and implementation of regulations asserting unconstitutional force of Federal law on matters explicitly rejected by or contrary to the will and intent of Congress, specifically the EPA implementation of Cap and Trade, in violation of US Constitution Article I, Section 8;

8. Refusing to secure our broken borders from illegal alien invasion, international criminal incursion, and terrorist cadre penetration, in violation of US Constitution, Article III, Section 3 and Article IV, Section 4;

9. Executive Branch malfeasance and impeding the administration of Justice by preventing the US Department of Justice the direct benefit of the President by presidential associates including: voter intimidation at the hands of the New Black Panthers and ACORN election fraud, in violation of US Constitution Article II, Section 3, and US Criminal Code Section 135, (Comp. St. § 10305);

10. Direct mobilizing and funding of mobile violence, sedition and insurrection, as witnessed in Wisconsin, by the President's own reelection campaign group Organizing for America, and including open statements of incitement to the insurrection by the President himself, in violation of US Penal Code, Chapter 115, Section 2383;

Written by Shade

Monday 29 October 2012 at 07:04 am

Posted in News & Editorials

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