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On Wisconsin

The Walker Recall Election

Random thoughts on the eve of Wisconsin’s recall election.

I’m sitting here watching the feeds on social media sites regarding the recall election of Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin. He’s being recalled because the Democrats, Progressives, Statists all want a magical “do-over”. And they will have it tomorrow, Tuesday June 5th.

Governor Walker is being pitted against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Walker has already beat Barrett once in 2010 for the Governorship. Now he has to do it again, and not just for Wisconsin, but for the nation.

You see Walker stood up to the public unions last year and passed landmark reform legislation by getting rid of collective bargaining for public sector unions (and union employees). Union members must also now pay for health care just like the rest of us. And they have to contribute a higher percent of their pay to cover their pensions. And the Unions are pissed.

One article put the unions at 62,000 plus members in March 2011 when Walker initiated his legislative action. Today that number is reported to be around 28,000. Employees can now opt out of joining a union as Wisconsin is a right to work state. An employee would have to verbally say “I want to join” in order to join a union and it ain’t happening. Not even for old union employees many of whom have opted out of the union they once belonged to.

A key aspect of the Walker reform legislation was to have the state stop automatically deducting union dues from employees pay checks unless the employee specifically asked that the deduction be made. As the linked article at online Wisconsin states, union membership soon plummeted as they (the unions) failed to get employees to request the deduction be taken from their check by the state.

There was also an inspiring video posted on YouTube of a Marine (there are no former Marines. Once a Marine you are always a Marine I’ve been told), who held a protest sign up and engaged in civil conversation anti-walker protesters at a rally in Milwaukee. The anti-walker protesters called this man names, and some even threatened him. Still he kept his calm.

Then a new video came up on YouTube today showing that Marine being bullied by a Milwaukee cop and then arrested (handcuffed) and put in a squad and driven to jail. Where by the Marine’s account he was placed in a dimly lit cell, not read his rights and was told he was NOT under arrest. But he sure as hell was not free to go.

He was charged with “creating a civil disturbance”. His citation reads he had a sign on a stick he held in a threatening manner (or words to that effect). Yet everything he did was videotaped. So it’s not hard to disprove the officer’s statement.

And make no mistake about it. The Marine WAS arrested. He was taken away in handcuffs and thrown in jail before receiving the citation.

The Milwaukee cop in the video acted like a thug for the unions. He even threatens the Marine. Listen closely and you’ll hear him say to the Marine “You’re going to get your ass kicked” While gripping his shirt from behind.

Give the Milwaukee Chief of Police a call. His name and number is:

Chief Edward Flynn
Milwaukee Police Department

Police Administration Building

749 W. State Street
Milwaukee, WI 53233

Non-emergency (414) 933-4444

The Milwaukee Police code of conduct can be found here:

My hope is that Walker kicks Barrett’s butt tomorrow. He did it once to become Governor and I believe he will do it again.

So let’s recap:

Walker stood up to the unions and reformed union entitlement programs that were bankrupting the state.

Wisconsin was economically bad when Walker took over from the former Democrat Governor Doyle and faced a large deficit. Thanks to Walker’s economic policies, Wisconsin has its first surplus in over 10 years.

Unemployment in Milwaukee is around 6.8% compared to over 9% when his predecessor was in office.

And the whiners continue to complain and seek ways to change the outcome of a duly elected official.

Kick ass Governor Walker. The nation is watching.

Written by Shade

Monday 04 June 2012 at 9:36 pm

Posted in News & Editorials

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