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Zombie Sightings 2012

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That's right... you think I'm kidding?

I’ll admit it. There is a certain allure to running around a decimated town where you and a handful of others not only survived the zombie virus, but are kicking ass and taking names of those zombies you once called neighbor.

Sure it would be appealing to berunning around town with a .50 cal or an M60 belt fed full auto looking like Rambo. But come on – how realistic is it that we’d ever get to do something like kill zombies in our lifetime?

Well, we’re getting closer. Like all good zombie flicks, it usually involved a virus. First showing up in one isolated place, and then another and then another until you have a widespread pandemic on our hands and the living dead eating your neighbor and their cat, dog or anything else that is living.

After all that’s how Resident Evil starts out. So why would it be so unbelievable in light of recent events?

Dateline: May 27th 2012.

Naked man is shot by police as he EATS the face off another man. He did nto stop when police ordered him to so they shot and killed him. Hope it was a head shot since that is the only real way to kill a zombie!

Dateline: May 26th 2012.

A New Jersey man stabs himself in the abdomen and pulls out his intestines and throws them at the cops! He was taken into custody.

Dateline: May 31st 2012

Maryland man kills his roommate and eats his brain and heart!

There are bound to me more zombie sightings.

[UPDATE] June 8th 2012 - Louisiana man has face eaten by zombie high on bath salts!

[Update] June 18th 2012 - Swedish professor cuts lips off of wife and eats them.

These first ones could just be a coincidence. But I think not. There must be some connection like all men knowing each other or coming in contact with one another. Or it could just be something in their environment.  Though the face eating zombie was said to be high on a bath salt like drug, that would explain it as well.

In either case, the zombies are here and you need to be vigilant and you need to be getting ready for the pending apocalypse.

Are you?

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Written by Shade

Friday 01 June 2012 at 12:24 pm

Posted in News & Editorials

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