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Government Ramping up... but for what?

Ammo, bullet resistant check points and more

Homeland Security and the agencies within Homeland Security are purchasing huge amounts of ammunition, armored personnel carriers, bullet resistant check point booths. TSA has begun conducting stop and search operations on US citizens in places like in Tennessee (See article on VIPR truck weigh station searches and view the video here).

 The Department of Homeland Security has also taken delivery of 2700 armored personnel carriers. On the side of the vehicles the words "POLICE/RESCUE" appear and Homeland Security and the DHS logo on the door. One has to wonder what these are for.

Additionally, DHS has ordered an unknown number of bullet resistant checkpoint booths. Are they intending to put up mandatory checkpoints within the borders of the U.S.? The US Border Patrol is already doing this on East West roads and reportedly some 25 miles or more from our borders. Will we as a people soon be asked for our papers at random check points? Will we soon be stopped while walking down the street and asked for our identification? It's happening now.

What originally got my attention was the DHS purchasing 450 Million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammunition. That is 450 MILLION ROUNDS! Now since they do not allow hollow point ammunition to be used in war (it's against the Geneva Convention) then one has to assume it is for domestic use. Sure... but can't it be used for target practice? It can be used for target practice, but typically one pays a premium for hollow point ammo. Cheaper jacketed ammo is usually found on target ranges.

So that means only one thing and begs the question what does DHS anticipate in the near future? 450 million rounds is enough ammo to wage a seven year war. But against who?

Could it be that they are planning to help tear apart the family farms in America? Government is already ransacking farms, killing livestock and charging farmers with felonies under the invasive species act or for selling unpasteurized milk. One pig farmer killed his entire herd of pigs so that he would not become a felon.

The issue is that the DNR in Michigan are claiming domestic pigs are "feral" pigs.  Feral pigs are ones that are in the wild - in the woods. Not behind a fence. Once they are behind a fence they are DOMESTIC! Don't let the DNR on your property without a warrant.

The government agencies under this administration (i.e. Obama administration) are out of control. You have the Department of Agriculture ordering up 360,000 rounds of ammo, conducting armed raids on farmers who sell unpasteurized milk, and now are proposing a rule prohibiting anyone under 18 from working on a farm!

Farm kids have a better work ethic and show more responsibility generally than do their city raised counterparts. The rule goes even further by removing 4-H safety certifications for kids who work on the farms and it seeks to impose a government mandated safety course.

Perhaps this why there is already a shortage on firearms and the industry is setting sales records every month it seems. Look for ammunition to be in short supply this summer. Between what the government is purchasing and what savvy gun owners are buying, you better get yours now while you still can.

Written by Shade

Wednesday 25 April 2012 at 11:11 am

Posted in News & Editorials

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