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Was Dayton off his meds?

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That would be a nice way to excuse him for his veto of the Defense of Dwelling bill HF 1467... But that would be giving him an easy way out. Dayton who narrowly defeated Tom Emmer in 2010 by a mere 9,000 votes to become Governor of Minnesota and took office in 2011. And so we have Governor Goofy the II to deal with here in Minnesota.

The Defense of dwelling bill had very little to do with guns but everything to with recognizing and expanding a person's God given right to defend him or herself under the laws of Minnesota. It would have provided for universal reciprocity and recognition of other state's carry permits, would have prevented governmental authorities from confiscating firearms in times of emergency or under marshal law. It would have expanded the places where a person could defend themselves using deadly force and given a presumption of reasonableness to the victim of a crime in the event they did use deadly force to stop a threat. And it removed our duty to retreat in the face of a threat. We would have been able to stand our ground and use equal or superior force to stop a threat of serious or great bodily harm or death. This bill was all about the ability of Minnesota citizens to defend themselves.

The bill passed the Minnesota House and Senate by wide margins and with bi-partisan support. Yet Dayton silenced the voice of the people by voting against the bill.

Law enforcement and County Attorneys like my own James Backstrom in Dakota County spoke out against the bill. And the intellectually challenged reasoning of Minnesota Senator Barb Goodwin (DFL - Columbia Hts.) was on display as she asked the most asinine questions and presented the strangest scenarios on the Senate floor as this bill was being debated.

People of Minnesota... when the hell are you going to wake up and stop electing people like Dayton, Ventura, Franken, and Barb Goodwin to office?

I don't ask the government for anything but for good roads, to secure our borders and ensure America's security. Other than that - let me defend myself, my family and neighbors if need be and not worry that I'll be second guessed by some bureaucratic County Attorney who thinks I should have first tried to run away from the threat.

We'll be back. And we certainly will be out to support pro-gun candidates in the election this fall. And Mark... we'll remember you in 2014 when you run for reelection.

Written by Gary

Tuesday 06 March 2012 at 8:35 pm

Posted in News & Editorials

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