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Are you a TAKER or a MAKER?

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With Dodd-Frank, Obama Care, the majority of bailouts going to unionized companies like Chrysler and General Motors, and the rest of the bailouts going to Democrat Party cronies, the answer to the scheme of things is quite simple: Create an self-perpetuating infrastructure of those who are dependent on government and the Democrats will have a built in constituency for life. Dodd-Frank alone creates at minimum ELEVEN NEW agencies within the Federal Government. Obama Care does the same. Both require huge appropriations of tax dollars to implement and will employ thousands perhaps hundreds of thousands of personnel who will be beholding to federal unions or the government itself for employment and their livelihood.

Already the NEA has openly stated that it is NOT about the children but rather power and they are going to require every member teacher in the US to kick in $10 to Obama's reelection campaign. The Unions represent less than 13% of all workers (today that is) yet command "power" through the dollars collected from their members.

We are almost at a point in America where the takers will outnumber the makers. Did you know that 48% of all Americans pay NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX? What do you think will happen when we have say 60% who are dependent on Government handouts? Will they vote to cut spending (their entitlements?) - Hell no. They'll vote to take more from the MAKERS.

Americans should never have had to learn a term like "BAILOUT MONEY". No private business in America should be allowed to simply be handed BILLIONS of dollars. NO PRIVATE business should be allowed NOT to fail. Anyone in business will tell you that if you are to succeed in business you have to be allowed to fail. You learn from it, and your company grows stronger because of it (assuming you don't keep making the same mistake like voters have done in the past).

Chrysler corporation is now owned by Fiat. Our government sold out tax payers and an American corporation to a foreign player and at bargain prices. The remaining stake our government had in Chrysler through BAILOUT MONIES was sold to foreign owned FIAT.

Our government will also not collect on another $1.3 BILLION that was owed on the BAILOUT MONEY Chrysler took from us the tax payers.

We lost $1.3 BILLION and the Treasury Secretary Tim Massad called this "a major accomplishment" in a press statement on 07/21/2011.

As taxpayers we got screwed. $1.3 Billion we won't ever see again, and an American company is now sold to foreign interests. Wow. Was this the plan all along? A payback to the unions? The foreign connection with Fiat might also be interesting to watch in this next election cycle. How much of the money will find its way back to the DNC despite it being illegal (remember they had to forfeit thousands donated by Chinese interests when Clinton was in office and Gore did a little "improper" (illegal) fund raising?

For those of us who are struggling or know someone who is, or for those of us who still have functioning brain cells, this has to be seen as nothing but a financial rape of the American tax payer. And it must stop.

We're not at all helpless and all is not hopeless - yet. Join a network of local conservatives. And get out the vote in 2012.

It's not at all all lost - but we are getting close. When the percentage of the TAKERS overcomes the MAKERS it will be very difficult to save America. So we'd better get started now.

Gary Shade

Written by Gary

Friday 22 July 2011 at 09:57 am

Posted in News & Editorials

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