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Wisconsin passes Carry Law

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SB 93 Amended - has been passed by the WI Assembly and House and is waiting the Governors signature. Governor Walker has indicated he may sign it around July 8th. The law becomes effective on the 1st day of the 4th month after publication (usually takes a week after the Governors signature).

The new concealed carry law requires those seeking a CONCEALED CARRY permit to be over 21, a Wisconsin resident, show proof of firearm safety training, and is not prohibited from possessing and purchasing a firearm under state or federal laws. Also the applicant can not have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony where the court prohibits the individual from possessing a firearm.

The training requirements are that a Wisconsin resident has completed any of the following:

  • A DNR Hunter safety education program or similar program from any state or country or province recognized by the DNR
  • A firearms safety or training course that is conducted by a national or state organization that certifies instructors
  • A firearms safety or training course that is available to the public and is offered by a law enforcement agency or, if the course is taught by an instructor who is certified by a national or state organization that certifies firearms instructors or by DOJ, by a technical college, a college or university, a private or public institution or organization, or a firearms training school.
  • A firearms safety or training course that is offered to law enforcement officers or to owners and employees of license private detective and security agencies.
  • A firearms safety or training course that is conducted by a firearms instructor who is certified by a national or state organization that certifies firearms instructors or who is certified by the DOJ.


  • Documentation that the individual participated in organized shooting competitions or completed military, law enforcement, or security training is equivalent to those courses described above.
    A current or expired license, or a photocopy of a current of expired license, that the individual hols or has held that indicates theat the individual is licensed or has been licensed to carry a firearm in this state or in another state or in a county or municipality of this state or of another state unless the license has been revoked for cause.
  • Documentation of completion of small arms while serving in the US armed forces as demonstrated by an honorable discharge or general discharge under honorable conditions or a certificate of completion of basic training with a service record of successful completion of small arms training and certification.

The DOJ is also granted the authority to certify instructors and maintain a list of instructors that it certifies. The be certified a person must:
  • Be qualified to carry a concealed weapon
  • Be able to demonstrate the ability and knowledge required for providing firearms safety and training

The DOJ may NOT require firing live ammunition to meet training requirements.

The DOJ will also maintain a list of states whose carry permits would be valid in Wisconsin. The criteria is that any state that requires its applicants to undergo a background check similar to Wisconsin's background check would be valid in Wisconsin. Further, the DOJ may enter into reciprocity agreements with states as to matters relating to carry concealed weapons.

Costs for a new concealed carry permit may not exceed $50 ($37 fee plus $13 background check fee) or $25 for a renewal ($12 fee plus $13 background check fee)

The bill also removes the restriction on a prohibition regarding possession of electronic weapons.

There is much more to the new law including changes to WI 943 - the trespass law and where a licensee can and can not carry to mention here. We're finishing our Wisconsin training course and hope to have it ready by July 4th!

Written by Gary

Saturday 02 July 2011 at 12:55 pm

Posted in News & Editorials

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