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It's crazy out there...

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Look at what's happening all around us people... Illinois just passed a bill that will raise personal income tax by 67% and business tax by 48%. The Illinois Governor praised the action of the Illinois legislature and he is sure to sign it. Yet Illinois is 600,000 jobs down from a decade ago. How do you spell "GOODBYE"?

You have certain members in Congress leaping at the chance to restrict 1st Amendment and 2nd Amendment rights. Politicizing any and all tragedies that come their way has become the norm. As Rahm Emanuel stated: "Never let a good crisis go to waste."

NY City bans trans-fat in foods, and wants restaurants to take salt shakers off the table, but the city can't clear its own streets after a foot or so of snow. In fact a Brooklyn law maker introduced a bill to ban restaurants from cooking with salt!

California also bans trans-fats - yet it can't balance its own budget. (Priorities people!)

You can't have your kids bring cookies to school anymore, and jungle gyms are thing of the past due to excessive lawsuits from overprotective parents!

In fact in Oregon, they shut down a 7-year olds lemonade stand because the little girl failed to get a temporary restaurant license

Florida has banned chocolate milk from the lunchrooms at schools and numerous cities have banned soft drinks in municipal buildings (what? Even adults can't make a decision on what to drink?)

Cities are talking about banning the private growing of your own vegetables in some states claiming it's for the public health. In fact in Georgia, a man was fined $5,000 (THAT'S FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!) for having a home garden and growing "too many" vegetables. Are they kidding?

They'll have to pry my cucumbers and Jalepenos from my COLD DEAD HANDS!

It's crazy out there all right.

Written by Gary

Wednesday 12 January 2011 at 11:05 am

Posted in News & Editorials

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