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Apparently Mr. Kevin Ecker does not like being called a hack... he's written to this (Firearms And Liberty) weblog twice [edit: three times]. The first comment ....

I had left online for a couple of days along with snipes from a couple of his cronies. But when they sank to the level I was sure they sure they would sink to (one posted something about bowel movements - very mature)... I deleted the messages as is my privilege on this system.

So tonight Ecker left me this message:

"Poor judgement in blogging...Ke… Kevin Ecker/ 04-Aug-10 13:54 Figured you'd delete all the comments from both myself addressing your post above and others supporting my criticism. If you're going to be that thin-skinned you might want to reconsider trash-talking someone else. Because certainly you've proven you can't take it."

Thin skinned? About as you wrote "others supporting my criticism."? They were not supporting your criticism as much as they were acting like the sophomoric cyber-bullies they really are. We've already gone through this with one cyber bully last year and it appears he's back and he's brought you Kevin along for the ride. And remember - you're the one who seems to have the thin skin and has to keep this discussion alive. So be it. And this behavior and rhetoric coming from the Executive Secretary of Republican SD 37 (which Mr. Ecker is currently elected to).

Oh - and I did try to contact you several times. But I don't leave messages on a machine. If you'd like to discuss your hack job and character assassination , you can always call me on our office phone. It's on the sidebar. I'd be more than willing to discuss it with you unless of course you're too thin skinned.

There was a legitimate question left by one of your so-called "supporters" Kevin, a Bob Davis (sent from his mobile account which looks like it's really coming from our non-friend Rosenberg). Who stated that he did a lot of door knocking in the 37A and he did not recall my name.

Well let's see "Bob", myself and daughter both participated in the caucuses this year (PCT 1 if you care to look it up). In the past, I've worked for the campaigns of and supported through donations, yard signs and other means the campaigns of our current Congressman, a noted conservative city council member, the Great State Senator from 37A Chris Gerlach, and more recently our State Rep. Tara Mack. I've also known for years and worked with Farmington's Pat Pariseau. Before this and maybe before your time, I worked with Boschwitz, Dave Durrenberger, and Rod Grahms. I've spoken before legislative bodies against gun control efforts in this state and in 1989 that's how I met David Gross who can vouch for my involvement in both politics, conservative issues, and the pro-gun movement here in MN. I've also worked with and known now retired MN conservatives like former 37A representative Eileen Thompkins. I've also served as the Precinct Chair for precinct 1.

[edit:] I also ran for city council in 1990. Losing only by 500 some votes if I recall to Brab Savanick. And how old were you Mr. Ecker in 1990? Mr. Davis? Most likely you were still having your noses and other parts of your anatomy being wiped by your mothers. [/edit]

I was involved with the SD37A when the Yeltzers were active. So I've been around awhile. I've worked phone banks, knocked on doors, delivered literature and more importantly put my money where my mouth is when it comes to conservative issues.

I hope that answers your questions. As for you Mr. Ecker - call.

Written by Shade

Wednesday 04 August 2010 at 10:49 pm

Posted in News & Editorials

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