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Obama divides country

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As reported by Fox News, Obama today has played the race card.... by calling on latinos and blacks to support the Democrats in 2010. According to Fox News, Obama has left "white middle class" voters in his rear view mirror.

I wonder how it would play out for a white president or white candidate for public office to call on all whites to support candidates from his party in 2010? Can you imagine the outcry? But not a word of this President dividing the country and national politics by race. Not one comment on any of our major stations here in the Twin Cities. If a white candidate were to utter similar sentiments, it would be the lead story on every news outlet in the Twin Cities.

What we now have is a country divide deeply on political philosophies and our President worsens the problem by playing a race card for the 2010 elections. We have a President who does not make us all feel inclusive. We have a President where winning and doing things "his way" is everything to him. Just listen to his speeches. He can not help injecting himself into the narrative.

Listening to our President at today's press conference, he chided Congress for not moving on his financial plan. He accused them of playing "games" with the deficit, and not taking responsibility for controlling spending! EXCUSE ME Mr. President, but it has been under your watch that we've seen a tripling of the deficit and it is poised to explode to 13 trillion in just a couple of years.

Latinos and blacks need to wake up and NOT vote for Democrats in 2010 or 2012. The Democrats caused this mess. Unemployment we were told would not go over 8% (Biden and Obama both stated so), yet it hovers near 10% (and nearly 20% when you take into account those who have given up looking for a job).

We are about to be fined if we don't have an "approved" insurance plan, and taxes according to H&R Block are about to nearly double in 2011. In an April 26th story on Fox News, they found through an independent analysis that: "a family of four earning $85,000, taking the child credit, deducting mortgage interest and using the Making Work Pay credit -- a temporary fix enacted in the stimulus package -- will see its tax liability be $5,383 in 2011, assuming that tax cuts passed during President Bush's first term are kept in place. Without them, the family's tax payment in 2011 would be $7,235."

For those making $90,000 per year it is even worse. A family of four's tax liability for 2009 was $6,769 and for 2010 it would be $9,700 and for 2010 and $11,700 for 2011. Obama has said recently that he has been "amused" by the tax cut rallies held by organizations such as the Tea Party folks. He actually said: " "You would think they'd be saying, 'Thank you.'" Thank you for what Mr. President. Nearly doubling people's taxes? These are the same people Obama swore would not see a tax increase (those making less than $250,000 per year).

A Congressman put it quite succinctly at the state of the Union address when he yelled out to the President: "You lie".

Yes he does.

Written by Gary

Tuesday 27 April 2010 at 6:12 pm

Posted in News & Editorials

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