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New look to our store!

We were closed most of today for renovations... but wait... we're talking about THIS store! We have a new look and a lot of new flexibility in this new edition of our shopping cart.

We want to thank Jamie at Lighthouse Development for his continual work to bring us and you a powerful online store.

We hope you enjoy it!

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Tactical Firepower Handgun System in stock!!

Join Jason Shade in this three DVD trilogy that will absolutely change the way you view shooting a handgun. Jason Shade is President of Tactical Firepower Inc. and is a firearms instructor and an NRA certified range safety officer, and is also certified by the MN BCA as a permit to carry instructor and is a MN Hunter Safety Instructor. His 3-DVD set: Tactical Firepower Handgun System is available for sale today in our online store.

Watch as he demonstrates the Tactical Firepower® Handgun System A system designed to make the most difficult shooting skills easy, natural, end instinctive.

The Fundamentals

This DVD covers everything necessary to property operate a handgun.

Topics include
: The four core safety rules, proper fit of a handgun, proper gun handling, the fundamentals of shooting and their application, how to achieve extreme accuracy, and taking effective shots it extremely long distances.

Achieving Perfection

Volume 2 incorporates the fundamentals from volume I to develop as many new skills as possible. When these skills are learned in proper order, the end result is perfection.

Topics include: Three specific stances, 360 degrees of movement, rapid tire, quick sight acquisition, drawing from the holster, drawing from concealment, point shooting, multiple target engagement, and all the techniques that come from linking and applying these skills,

Turning Perfection Into Success

Volume 3 focuses on developing some of the most advanced and difficult to learn shooting skills.

Topics include: Speed and tactical reloads, malfunction clearing, one-handed shooting, shooting and moving, different positions, how to take a fall, and obstacles.

This is the complete system. Over 4 1/2 hours in length. This video Is extremely fast paced. Be prepared to hit rewind!

$55 ONLINE Course for Minnesota Permit Renewal class!
We have several big and I mean big announcements today.

First: We've dropped the former discount code from our class offerings and now offer an upfront discount on our classes for RENEWALS, Military Veterans, Students and Seniors. The discounts vary but the RENEWAL discount on our classes is better than the 10% we previously offered to former students. The discount code can still be used in our online store for products we sell.

Next we now offer a SIGNIFICANT $30 discount on our Online Minnesota Carry Permit Course for those of you who are renewing! The new price for RENEWALS ONLY is $55. You can't beat our price & the convenience of an online course. You still have to come shoot with us. But that's the fun part!

And we've lowered our Multistate Course price to $120 (formerly $125). And with the discounts we now offer, it is even less.

And we're not done! This afternoon or evening we'll have another big announcement for you!
Boone's Opens New Range in Isle (on Lake Mille Lacs)

Boone's Fine Guns has opened a new range in Isle MN right off Lake Mille Lacs. The range officially opened this past weekend. It offers six lanes of INDOOR shooting and is open for both handgun and rifle.

A northern Minnesota indoor range is nothing to sneeze at in January. As someone who has personally conducted shooting sessions in sub zero weather, an indoor range is most welcomed.

We've also added FOUR new Fundamentals of  Shooting courses at the new gun range in Isle MN on Lake Mille Lacs. Feb 15 and 29, and March 14 and 28 for only $50!! These courses are for beginners and veteran shooters or anyone who wants to shoot better or verify they have mastered the 7 fundamentals of shooting. The 1 hour classroom and 1 hour range course is taught by Jason Shade. Call us at 952-891-1537 with any questions you may have or sign up for classes right here on our web store. We're looking forward to seeing you!