Fox Labs 3 oz Flip Top OC/Pepper Spray Products

Fox Labs International's Premium Defense Spray Products™ are formulated to be the safest, hottest and most effective you can buy! All Fox  sprays are non-flammable, Taser-safe, and available in a wide range of sizes with varying percentages of pepper (OC), combinations of pepper and tear gas (CS) and ultra-violet dye.

All Fox Premium Aerosol Defense Sprays™ use organic pepper resins that have at least a true 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) rating. They were the first company to use resins with this intense rating in a 5% product and their formulas are still unsurpassed! In 1998, they became the first and only company offering a true 5.3 million SHU resin in a 2% solution. These formulas are legendary! Don’t take our word on it. Browse the Internet and see what people in general, and LE professionals specifically have to say.

All Fox defense sprays come with a three year, manufacturer warranty from the date they are made. Resulting in what is called a three-year total life. However, we recommend replacing a unit at two years from the "time of purchase" or after using it to protect oneself. We find many customers keep track of this date by simply taking a permanent marker and writing a month and year on the bottom of their canister.  


The bottom line is this: if you are serious about wanting the absolute best products of their kind you really must consider the FOX line-up of superlative aerosol defense sprays. Once you use them we know that you will agree with the hundreds of thousands of police officers, deputies, corrections officers, government and military personnel and civilians, that already believe there are none finer in existence.



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I take full responsibility in complying with all local, state and federal laws concerning the possession and use of this product. I further understand that this product is a product to be used in self-defense situations only.

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