SW9149 Tactics for Self Defense II - Gunsite - Triple Feature Concealed Carry II, Tactical Pistol II, Tactical Edged Weapons

SW9149 Tactics for Self Defense II - Gunsite - Triple Feature Concealed Carry II, Tactical Pistol II, Tactical Edged Weapons

Tactics for Self Defense II (Triple Feature) DVD - Gun Site Academy - $19.95

This triple feature includes the following subjects:

Tactical Edged Weapons I

Gunsite Academy provides ongoing training for many members of the world’s finest and most demanding military, law enforcement, government organizations and civilians. Gunsite’s educational techniques are synonymous with leading edge excellence in tactical weapons and defensive skills training. This DVD is your opportunity to learn practical edged weapons techniques directly from the teaching masters at this prestigious institution. Edged weapons are devastating at close quarter ranges. They are fast to deploy and implement. Learn elements of defensive and offensive techniques for tactical self-defense from edged weapons experts. Weapons selection, cutting techniques, grips, movement, targeting, defensive postures and safety are some of the many important topics covered in this informative and dynamic DVD.

Tactical Pistol II

Taught by the instructors of Gunsite Academy, Tactical Pistol II continues the practical training regimen of Tactical Pistol I. This video is an in-depth analysis of the gun manipulation skills needed to increase speed, delivery, and efficiency of handgun presentations, tactical reloading, malfunction clearances, fixed shooting positions, and movement techniques to get off the line of attack. Movement and utilization of ballistic cover are described in combination with other combative skills such as weapon retention methods and ground fighting techniques. Vehicular methods for shooting and critical exits are some of the many training pointers shared for increasing tactical awareness and target engagement.

Tactical Concealed Carry II

Gunsite Academy is regarded worldwide as the premier firearms and tactics academy for law enforcement, military professionals, and qualified civilians. The Tactical Concealed Carry II DVD continues with an in-depth look at advanced concealed carry techniques and tactics for the legally armed professional. Filmed at Gunsite Academy and in actual urban and rural settings, the threat scenarios, defensive responses, deployment from concealment, an tactics portray the use of defensive force in life-threatening situations. The scenarios presented include predatory behavior and attacks at bank ATMs, convenience stores, restaurant and retail facilities, and specific threats associated in and around vehicles. Various types and selection of carry systems along with examples of unconventional and discreet systems for special applications are presented. Individuals and organizations seeking the highest level of skill enhancement training in concealed handgun deployment will find the Tactical Concealed Carry II DVD a valuable resource.

109 Minutes

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