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Multistate Carry Class 
Sunday January 7th 2018 at 11am - 2pm
Godfather's Pizza
850 County Road 42 West  
Burnsville, MN 55337
(952) 435-9558
Range time is 09:30 at the Horse and Hunt Club in Prior Lake MN

Multistate Course Recognized by: MN, AZ, FL, WI and IA and more!
Now only $85 when you order this class online! You may qualify for a discount. See below...

Our course is designed to present the required information for you to obtain a Minnesota Permit to Carry and/or permits from Florida, Arizona, and many other states. Our safety discussion includes information not only on safe gun handling, but also on child access laws, and methods to store firearms and ammunition safely when not in use.

You'll also learn about the laws of  Minnesota, and other state laws, with an overview of the Federal gun laws. You'll also learn about the ethics and responsibilities of carrying a firearm for personal protection, the use of deadly force, self-defense shooting techniques, handgun retention, and how to apply for carry permits and the aftermath of a deadly force encounter. Don't miss this one!

Range session for MN permit students is an integral part of this course and you can use our firearm (for a small fee) or yours - range fees vary (depending on the range) and run from $12 to approximately $14 and are paid directly to the range.

We offer a variety of discounts as well. If you choose one below, it will lower the base price of the course by the amount shown. You will be asked to provide proof at the door that you are eligible for the discount. If you don't provide proof (i.e. proof of membership or age) then you'll be asked to pay the additional money (cost of the applied discount) at the door. Only one discount can apply.

The discount will apply to multiple quantities purchased on your order (up to a quantity of 5). For groups larger than five people, please call us at 952- 891-1537 and we'll be happy to discuss our large group discounts with you.

Tactical Firepower Handgun System

You can also order your copy of the Tactical Firepower Handgun System - the ultimate resource for defensive shooting skiils and techniques. Over 4.5 hours of video! A 3-DVD set. Just check the option box below to have your copy mailed immediately to your attention!


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Safety Officer (MN) - March 27th 2017
This is a very hands on class with Safety and Law combined. Great instructor