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Shooting times for Online Course

The following are the dates and times for our shooting qualifications for our online/hybrid classes.
To book a time and date call or e-mail us.

==== July ====

Tuesdays      ----   Saturdays         
7/9 - 10:00               07/13 - 11:30
07/16 - 10:00             07/20 - 9:30
7/23 - 10:00  
7/30 - 10:00  

====August ====
Tuesdays      ----   Saturdays
                             08/03 - 11:30
08/06 - 10:00
08/13 - 10:00        08/17 - 10:00
08/20 - 10:00        
08/27 - 10:00        08/31 - 10:00

All range qualifications are held at the Horse and Hunt Club in Prior Lake MN unless otherwise noted above.Your completion e-mail has directions to the range and instructions for the day of the shoot.

Dates and times are subject to change and you MUST SCHEDULE an appointment for your range session by e-mailing us  to confirm your attendance.


  1. Bring hearing and eye protection (the range also has it available for purchase)
  2. Bring your firearm and 30 rounds of ammunition
    1. If you don't own a firearm, we have a .22 available for use for $10 additional
    2. Shooting fees are the student's responsibility - (gun rental not included)
  3. Dress for the weather. This is an outdoor range and we shoot rain or shine, Only extreme cold snaps do we cancel these sessions for your safety. We also recommend you wear outdoor foot wear. No sandles, flip-flops or open toed shoes in summer. And wear boots or hiking boots in winter
  4. Target is an 8" paper plate at 21 feet.
    1. 7 out of 10 shots must hit the plate to qualify.
    2. Students will be allowed to reshoot TWICE only. If a student does not qualify, they must reschedule their shooting. It's recommended they do so after they take a private lesson from us or another qualified instructor.
  5. A student must handle the firearm safely at all times! Failure to do so is grounds for immediate course failure.
  6. See your completion e-mail for any special instructions such as shooting fees etc. Custom sessions on dates other than those listed above are available for an additional fee.
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