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NINE MEALS FROM ANARCHY ~ Survival Basic Training - ONLINE ~FOUR HOUR Seminar ~ Online Survival School training in basic skills assessment, survival tactics, and advanced courses including Urban survival tactics and weapon systems, SHTF - Shit Hits the Fan scenarios. Optional field days available on all courses.
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Survival Basic Training - ONLINE
FOUR HOUR Seminar - $45

In this informational, online, four hour seminar, each student will learn what the basic skills are that will be needed to survive nearly any situation. Topics include the Survival Mindset, the elements and enemies of survival and how to overcome them. Water and food procurement. A discussion of fire and shelter building. In addition we'll look at signaling and a quick primer on first aid. We'll also discuss the importance of and the difference between a Go Bag and a Bug Out Bag (B.O.B.). And have suggestions on what you should have in each.

Each student receives course handouts and access to many useful links as part of this course. Once the student completes an online quiz, we will e-mail you a nice 8.5" x 11" certificate suitable for framing.

This is a prerequisite course to our advanced courses on Brushcraft (field course), weapons and tactics, doomsday scenarios and summer and winter survival modes.

This is not a prepping course. We want you to walk away and have a thorough understanding of the skill sets that you need to develop now in order to survive tomorrow.

If you are in Minnesota, you might also want to signup for our optional field day where you can put those skills to the test and meet this program's author: Gary Shade.



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