The Bears of Manley
Review by Evan Senson

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From:    (Alaska Outdoors - Evan E. Swensen)
Date sent:        Fri, 22 Dec 95 03:16:37 0900
Organization:     Alaska Outdoors
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From Evan Swensen, Publisher/Editor, Alaska Outdoors magazine
Hunting and the hunter is being challenged on all fronts, from antihunters, to animal activists to gun control fanatics. The challenge comes mostly from an uninformed public whose sentiments toward the subject of hunting has been carefully engineered by activist groups whose main purpose for fanning the flame is fund raising to protect their jobs. I found the book, The Bears of Manley to be the answer to people who do not understand hunting and hunters. The fund raising activist will not be convinced or converted, but honest lovers of animals will look at their feelings with new eyes. I feel this book is the beginning of a new chapter in the war against hunting, which is actually a war against sporting arms, which is a war against freedom, which is a war against our whole Western culture and values. The activists will find their well has dried up from anyone who will read this book. Some of their ranks may even find themselves unemployed and out looking for honest work. If I were in a position to do so, I would make Sarkis Atamianıs book required reading for all people engaged in passing, regulating, and protecting our laws pertaining to hunting, guns, and animals. Sarkis allowed me to write the foreword in The Bears of Manley. This is the one book you should read before you talk about hunting, listen to news reports of hunting issues, or go into the field. It will make you proud to be a hunter. I think it will be a giant step in returning hunting and shooting to a position of honor in the community. Any hunter or shooter who reads the book will never again slip down a back alley when the subject comes up. The Bears of Manley contains many of the answers Iıve been looking for and Iım letting you know about the book because of how it helps the cause of hunting. You may want to get a copy for yourself. Following are some excerpts from the bookıs back cover and fly leaf. The Bears of Manley, a 448 page, hard cover book by Alaskan, Sarkis Atamian, is the worldıs most definitive and complete work on why men hunt. It is fascinating information and exciting entertainment for hunters, enlightening and absorbing answers to animal activists, and a stirring response to antihunters. Sarkis Atamianıs numerous academic research papers and articles, concerning the philosophy and psychology of hunting, has contributed to Mr. Atamian being a recognized authority in that field. He has been a popular speaker at conventions of the Safari Club International, The North American Federation of Sheep Hunters, Alaskan Professional Hunters Association, and many other associated organizations. He has held membership in many professional societies including the Egypt Exploration Society. He keeps active membership as a Fellow of the Explorers Club. Polar bear! What fascination there is in seeing those two words. What magic in the sound of those three syllables! Instantly, word and sound project a spectral image‹a floating, weaving, ghostly form, moving eternally through limitless desolation of polar ice‹invincible, grand, and awesome in power and beauty. There isnıt a true hunter anywhere who has not confronted polar bear in his secret fantasy world and yearned to see that dream become a reality. Every detail of that magnificent beast was sharply visible. His long neck lowered, his huge, tapered head close to the ice, sniffing for telltale scent of prey or danger. The slow shuffling gait, punctuated with a rhythmical thump-thump, barely echoed off the ridge as his huge paws landed softly on the snow, bouncing masses of hair enveloping them. I could see his rippling muscles beneath his shaggy coat, and beneath muscles I could sense the incredible power and fury of his might. From time to time, he swung his head from side to side. (From Chapter One) Sarkis Atamian is the voice of the American Hunter. Keith Bates, former editor of Safari Magazine. Mr. Atamian, the philosopher, mixes a marvellous understanding of animals and outdoorsmen, and comes up with a wonderful blend. Sarkis is Americaıs Jose Ortega Y. Gasset Wayne Anthony Ross, Director and former Vice President of NRA. To discuss animals and hunting without the knowledge contained in The Bears Of Manley is like sending smoke signals in the wind. Evan Swensen, Publisher and Editor of Alaska Outdoors magazine. Sarkis is the greatest speaker the Safari Club International has ever had-God bless you Sarkis for your great contributions to our cause. C. J. McElroy, founder of Safari Club International. Without a doubt, Sarkis Atamian is the modern-day Theodore Roosevelt. Atamian exhibits invincible reasoning and integrity while advocating the philosophy of a strenuous outdoor lifestyle. He portrays ³The Great Heart² while sounding an alarm for all true Americans. Marvin Clark, Attorney, author, and former professional guide. The bookıs price is $29.95 and can be ordered by calling (800) 879-4214.

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